N” is the new brand of Netresearch´s NR App Factory. We combine German engineering with fantastic support and a deep knowledge of the German market.

We are the Preferred Extension Development Partner for industry partners like: DHL, Ogone and Masterpayment

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"N" ist die neue Marke von Netresearch´s NR App Factory. Wir verbinden deutsche Engineering-Kompetenz mit herausragenden Supportleistungen und der genauen Kenntnis des deutschen Marktes.

Wir sind Magento Preferred Extension Development Partner für Industrie-Partner wie: DHL, Ogone und Masterpayment.

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Extensions by this Developer (16)
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Hello suleymankaygisiz . This was a problem with the old pear package. It should work in the new version 0.1.9. Best regards, André from Netresearch January 20, 2011
This extension really great!! I have magento and it proven working fine there. For those who don't know, this extension only keep the cache for 7200 SECONDS (2hrs). This is caused by false flag on cacheLifeTime() (based on: ) after changing to something big (example 3600 * 24 * 7 * 4 = 4 weeks) my product view page take A LOT FASTER!! before it take me about 30 sec. to load product view page, now only take in blink of an eye ;) So what's need to be done to make things faster for longer time? OK, got to your root directory AND edit following files: ROOT_DIR/includes/src/Netresearch_CatalogCache_Block_Product_View.php and ROOT_DIR/includes/src/Netresearch_CatalogCache_Block_Product_List.php find following code: public function getCacheLifetime() 52 { 53 if($this->_isCacheActive()) 54 { 55 return false; 56 } 57 } change it to: public function getCacheLifetime() 52 { 53 if($this->_isCacheActive()) 54 { 55 return 2419200; 56 } 57 } and tadaaaa....your cache hold-up for 4 weeks long (the return value can be change according to your need...just put some seconds) I don't know if I have tmpfs disk for cache directory, will it make it faster? how much faster? interessting...anyway, I hope this tip will help a lot people who just start using magento (like myself) and have some money issue (again, like myself) and stuck to some cheap provider. November 17, 2010
Works wonderfully. October 18, 2010
Works great. Brought down my product page load time by 35 %, category pages 24 %. (Numbers are HTML load time only, tested with Apache Bench, running Magento October 16, 2010
For me It works as well, the site load time dropped from 3,6 to 3 sec average. September 9, 2010
I wish this extension was available for Magento 1.4. Looks like a very, very useful tool for developers. June 18, 2010
for me it works on 1.40.1; June 11, 2010
I got an error while Installation : Cannot initialize 'channel://', invalid or missing package file Install Errors Package "channel://" is not valid PEAR ERROR: install failed June 1, 2010
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