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"N" ist die neue Marke von Netresearch´s NR App Factory. Wir verbinden deutsche Engineering-Kompetenz mit herausragenden Supportleistungen und der genauen Kenntnis des deutschen Marktes.

Wir sind Magento Preferred Extension Development Partner für Industrie-Partner wie: DHL, Ogone und Masterpayment.

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Extensions by this Developer (16)
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Pending Payment We have installed and configured the extension properly and its working fine. There are two issues which we are facing. 1) When user placed an order using Barclaycard payment method, after successfull payment in magento admin order shows the pending payment. 2) Receiving a error email from barclaycard **************************************** Process Error : **************************************** Problem with online post-sale http request **************************************** Post-sale request result : **************************************** Request parameter send : orderID=95&currency=GBP&PM=CreditCard&STATUS=9&CARDNO=XXXXXXXXXXXX3007&ED=08 15&CN=Sithabile+Tshabalala&TRXDATE=09%2F16%2F14&PAYID=1173428747&NCERROR=0&A AVCheck=OK&AAVADDRESS=OK&IP=109%2E148%2E194%2E220&SHASIGN=D8BEB271E2A04EE94C A66588306C5D19BC35D161 HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found can you please suggest how to resolve these issues. Thanks in advance September 16, 2014
Why customer is not redirected back to the website.? Dear Friend, I try this module. but this module not work for redirect function. After completed the payment. Customer is not redirect to the webshop. Is this function not available on your module..? Thanks & Regards, Vigneshprabu C August 14, 2014
Totally fine Once one reads the instructions, everything works fine. Despite one catch: the Sandbox mode needs a seperate account. But this is not the developer's fault, but Hermes'. Support helped sorting this out and was really fast and helpful. The Extension seems well structured and even contains PhpUnit-Tests. Thumbs up for that! June 11, 2014
Cannot generate invoices for ogone checkout The plugin works well after configuring it, but i got a problem on credit card orders. When I want to generate the invoice, I get an error message Ogone status : Incomplete or invalid (0). I can't get a solution, and even got this error on a fresh magento install with this extension only (on magento 1.8.1). June 4, 2014
Great extension The document is quite helpful, and it has no error after installed. And all work as it says. But there is only one issue, once the order is placed and passed payment request to Barclay, in margento back-end it always says "Pending Payment" even if the status is 9 in Barclay backend. Is there a place for notification URL which could let barclay notify server once the card is processed. Just wonder if it should be in "Direct HTTP server-to-server request", and what's the URL? Should that be Tried above postBack URL in browser, it drops an error on magento. May 16, 2014
Excellent Extension, EPDQ Essential worked as described. Thanks a lot for providing such a good documentation with which I was able to easily integrate my client's store with epdq essential. It worked as described in the documentation. Just one thing was missing in the feature; On using authorization, 'Capture Online' is not working when creating Invoice. Merchant will have to logon to epdq backoffice and capture data from there itself. It is specified in their documentation. Sale is working without the help of epdq backoffice. Thanks again! May 1, 2014
Magento Pending Payment Hi, we have implemented the module with no issues, However, Magento is creating an order pending payment in the backend each time place order is clicked in the checkout. And no payment details have been captured. We need it to not put an order in the backend till payment details have been captured. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks, March 12, 2014
Works but misses functionality Works as described for us, but we'd really like to see a way to invite customers to pay for a backend order, or an order with a failed payment. We often need to manually create an order in the backend, but the payment always is a problem (the only possibility is credit card, but no 3D, so a no go, and we'd rather not ask for a customer's card details anyway). The only option we currently have for those orders is to ask for them to be paid offline. Pitty! Also for canceled or failed payments this would be a good solution. I asked Ogone's support but they have no clue, they say "yes it's possible, but you need to configure this inside your webshop, not on our side". Since this is the Official Ogone extension that does all the "configuring inside the webshop", the answer actually should be "yes it's possible in theory, but no we didn't implement it (yet)". February 28, 2014
Passwort muss unterschiedlich angelegt werden Zur Anbindung dieser Erweiterung muss man einen neuen Benutzer in Intraship anlegen. Die Regeln für dass Password dieses Benutzers unterscheiden sich für diese Erweiterung aber von den Regeln von Intraship. Das ist leider nicht hinreichend oder falsch dokumentiert und auch bei der Service-Hotline von Intraship nicht bekannt. Bis man allein diesen Fehler findet, sind locker mal ein paar Stunden in irgendwelchen Hotlines und Foren verloren. February 27, 2014
JavaScript error Impossible to finalize order: payment.js: TypeError: $(...) is null var owner = $('OPS_CC_CN').value; February 24, 2014
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