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Extensions by this Developer (34)
MageWorld 4.5 5 462 462
Needful for my business! The support team is great and solved all my questions and adjustments really fast. The extension provides a big change in the marketing of the site promoting it in high level and better then that involving the clients to promote. The only demand I could make is for translations to others languages. July 23, 2014
Perfect deal module Can recommend this module it helps selling. Good service and great support regarding modifying module to work with our website... Best recommend from us at July 23, 2014
Not Ready for Real Use This extension is sloppily made and not well thought out. There are a couple of major flaws and many small bugs. None of it has been fixed in months so I'm finally writing a review about it. FWIW, we use the extension a lot as we do a good 7 figures a year in sales and every order earns points. Examples of sloppily made include: 1. Sort function on reports doesn't work. 2. You can't customize urls, which is annoying if you want to brand your loyalty program. For example, if a customer wants to check their points balance the url is: - who wants that url? 3. You can't show how many points a customer will earn on each item on the product page (which is a very helpful sales tool). We figured it out for simple products, but haven't figured it out yet for configurable since the points will depend on the combination selected. Major flaws include: 1. If selling items in points customers can spend points they don't have. The extension shows a warning during chekcout that the customer doesn't have enough points, but they can input any amount they want and it will go through. I put 1M points in and it showed the store owned my customer account the overage! (fixed in last update 3/14 after 18 months of being broken). 2. This is the biggest issue and it alone is reason enough to not use this extension if you have a serious website: You can't partially refund orders. The extension will only refund points if you completely refund an order. If you try to refund 1 item off the order the extension refunds all the points in the subtotals no matter how many points were used. So if you want to cancel a $10 item from an order where $100 in points were redeemed you simply can't because the extension refunds $100 in points and Magento won't allow the refund to go through. So this extension completely breaks basic functionality that any online store will need: partial refunds. Support does respond quickly, but so what if they respond with: our extension doesn't do that. It is unfortunate that we had to find this all out on our own after we relaunched our store. The extension has potential, but MageWorld needs to give it a very close look and fix all these bugs (there are others as well, but I can't write all night about it). There have been no updates at all in 6 months. For a $250 extension I expect basic bug fixing and regular maintenance. I'd look elsewhere for a reward points extension if I could do it again. We are probably going to switch anyway even though it is going to cost us a ton to transition our database over, reintegrate a new extension into our templates, etc... Not a happy customer to say the least. July 21, 2014
Excellent & very helpful - Top Recommended I've purchased this Follow Up Email extension and I'm very satisfied with it. Their programmer Dung installed it on my store and it works great. I've also received great assistance from him and he helped test and understand the system and its capabilities. Mageworld are a great team you can trust. July 16, 2014
Its Coollllll Hey, i am new in Magento, and for start Magento integration this tool is verry usefull. thanks, RJ July 9, 2014
Well made and easy to use product ! I have to admit: this is one of our best investments ever in the Magento world.The extension has nice features and in 99% of the cases it works like expected. Also the test options for a rule in the backend are pretty nice. June 20, 2014
Great Products It's very easy to use and very convienient. Moreover, I choose this product beacause of good promotional programs. Great job! June 19, 2014
Excellent!!! Because of their Promotion Week, I bought this product. Well supports. Recommend this Product. June 19, 2014
Review I'd have to say it very useful and easy to use. Moreover support team is also very good. June 19, 2014
Excellent extension! I find this extension simple and easy to use. Promotion week provides a good opportunity to try. Their support is also excellent! I highly recommend this product! June 19, 2014
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