BoostMyShop powered by Maison du Logiciel, is a specialised open source solution for e-commerce websites. All our solutions come from our own experience as web store owners in digital products.

Since 2008, our tools and solutions have been written for Magento to fit exact requirements for e-commerce professionals. Stock management, purchasing, supply, quotation and private sales are just some of the domains covered by our tools. Using tools embedded in Magento prevents synchronisation issues commonly associated with third party ERP systems. This improves the general management for the ERP functions within an E- commerce store.

In 2009, Maison du Logiciel was created to market all our extensions and modules for Magento.

Maison du logiciel's success is due not only to our extension but also because we are able to provide the complete package including audits, analysis, training and specific customisations.

All our extensions are being constantly updated and improved based on our customers feedback and new e-commerce technologies. Our products will soon be available for other e-commerce platforms - for example prestashop.


Extensions by this Developer (21)
BoostMyShop 4.3 5 96 96
hello, it adds canonical markup to all webpages and avoid to get duplicate content for url parameters. It also fix duplicate content for page 1 in product list last, yes this option belongs to the latest magento release but not on the previous ones :) January 21, 2011
Hello, the option for apply canonical url to products and categories is integrates by default in magento. What other things apply this extension? Thank you! :) January 19, 2011
I recently implemented the Maison du Logiciel point of sale extension for Magento on a site that we recently launched - The sales reps are using it but I need some improvements to continue using it next year. Working well: - Bar code scanner works great for product UPCs. Search is fast. POS products are setup for POS store view and eShop products are setup for eShop allowing for separate tax classes, prices etc. We use a merchant terminal to swipe credit cards. Improvements needed: (priority A,B,C) -C: "Add product" search screen shows price (incl tax) and we need it to display price (excl tax). -A: "Product" section needs to allow sales rep to overwrite price (excl tax). Currently sales rep has to use a calculator to adjust price (incl) tax -A: Need to allow a sales rep to apply a discount (absolute and percentage) at the item and order level. Currently, if a sales rep wants to offer 15% off an order then they need to use a calculator to change each individual product price (excl) tax. Need to allow for a discount code to be entered as well. -A: The extension needs to be compatible with the Multi-location Inventory extension offered by AITOC. ( The POS store view inventory does not need to be managed but the eShop store view inventory does. The POS extension causes a critical failure in the AITOC extension (painfully discovered). -C: New customers created in the POS system need to be setup as global customers (Account Sharing Options in Configuration is set to Global). Currently, a new customer created in POS does not have access to the eShop. We add new customers on the eShop first, then find them in POS as existing customer!) -B: Customer addresses entered do not populate the customer table. State is not offered during address creation. Our customers come from many states. -C: We need export order information from the POS sales report based on date range and payment method and including fields such as cost, price, tax, discounts etc (this can be done using other exporting extensions, but would make it more convenient) Thanks for any feedback, assistance etc that the community can provide! December 1, 2010
I get an error after Installation Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'rma_products' doesn't exist" November 27, 2010
Does not encrypt the password in the db, very unsecure. November 26, 2010
I bought the quotation module a couple of days ago. This extension is pretty useful. A few improvements can be done but overall I am very happy with it. Maison Du Logiciel were very responsive to answers questions and help when needed. Nicolas November 1, 2010
Works perfectly on, thank you. "Access denied" errors will happen for any module if you don't re-login to the admin area after installing a module. October 16, 2010
In Magento you just get a blank page when clicking on "customer universal password" in the configuration. Any solution for this? Install was easy, just copied the link and installed via Magento Connect Manager. No error, cleared cache, but still: blank page. September 14, 2010
Very nice and a lot of thought went into this. But, it needs tweaking. Customer can't add more than one quote to cart. Although I selected Shipping Rates = None, checkout added the flat rate anyway. I really want no shipping added to that quote. I guess that needs yet another extension? In Admin, I cannot change the Shipping Rates after the quote is saved. August 23, 2010
Hi, we installed the Quotation module. Overall it works great and would give it 5 stars for usability. However, the major drawback is that you cannot set discounts for individual products or the overall quote. This is a no go for us, because we need to be able to set the discounts. I guess I should have checked this before buying. It would be great if you could add in next release. August 22, 2010
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