BoostMyShop powered by Maison du Logiciel, is a specialised open source solution for e-commerce websites. All our solutions come from our own experience as web store owners in digital products.

Since 2008, our tools and solutions have been written for Magento to fit exact requirements for e-commerce professionals. Stock management, purchasing, supply, quotation and private sales are just some of the domains covered by our tools. Using tools embedded in Magento prevents synchronisation issues commonly associated with third party ERP systems. This improves the general management for the ERP functions within an E- commerce store.

In 2009, Maison du Logiciel was created to market all our extensions and modules for Magento.

Maison du logiciel's success is due not only to our extension but also because we are able to provide the complete package including audits, analysis, training and specific customisations.

All our extensions are being constantly updated and improved based on our customers feedback and new e-commerce technologies. Our products will soon be available for other e-commerce platforms - for example prestashop.


Extensions by this Developer (21)
BoostMyShop 4.3 5 96 96
Fantastic product excellent support. We looked at a lot of options for inventory management for Magento and went with Embedded ERP because it integrates very well into the store and you do not need to use any other external software to manage your stock. This is especially useful if we need to access our system when travelling, everything is integrated into one interface. I believe that these guys really understand the online/retail workflow and it shows in the design of the software. The extension covers all the bases. From planning your stock to ordering to dispatching. Boostmyshop support is excellent. We have had tweaks implemented very quickly and they have helped us with a lot of trouble shooting and conflicts with other extensions. They help us with questions and any issues on an ongoing basis. We highly recommend this extension. I seriously don't know what we would do without it. May 7, 2013
Great Extension and Support We reviewed several different back end solutions for Magento to handle order processing, inventory management, etc... One of the main reasons we went with Embedded ERP was because it would allow us to control our site all in one interface. No switching back and forth between different programs, screens, etc... In addition it has all of the functionality we are looking for. Due to our shipping configuration, we did have to use a 3rd party shipping extension but it integrates well with ERP. Good product quality, solid integartion into Magento & great support/service! Most tickets are responded to within the hour!! Highly Recommended Product! May 2, 2013
Amazon marketplace For different reasons we have been a long time to make it work, but finally, we have installed last module version, and now it's working. We had some problems during installations, but now we are happy with it. Product stock is updated, products are created, and orders are imported to magento plataform. April 24, 2013
Great extension, great support Searching for a good extension to automatically remind buyers for their review i found this one. Installation is easy. Price is fair. Works as can be expected. Needed some extra functions which the developers made within minutes just for me. Superb support! April 17, 2013
great extension What a great extension! You can do Stock Management, Order Fullfilment and Purchasing within Magento. I have never seen such a complete ERP module! and the support is awesome! Thanks! April 15, 2013
Pretty good Really, this little extension enables to set up my physical store very quickly. I had a webstore under Magento and this help me to open a real store with very reduced cost. Good et very friendly support team to help me to install it. I recommend ! March 26, 2013
Not working After installation of extension, it gives me following error. HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request. March 21, 2013
This point of sale app is extremely weak - It only works for simple products - It breaks when trying to give change - It's a barebones BETA version at best It also looks like the developers stopped development in 2010. March 6, 2013
I expect next version to be really good right out of the box. Yes it's tricky, needs improvements, support is not as fast as i expected, but now i don't see any alternatives. At least until you're ready to OpenBravo, OpenERP or any other full-function ERP system. Now we're using Embedded ERP only as stock management software. And it's really good. #1 function needed: supply order import! Thank you, guys! Your system is almost as awesome as magento is. February 9, 2013
Great extension. You can use a wide variety of predefined variables and with a bit of PHP knowledge you can easily add your own custom fields. Support is very quick and adequate. January 15, 2013
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