BoostMyShop powered by Maison du Logiciel, is a specialised open source solution for e-commerce websites. All our solutions come from our own experience as web store owners in digital products.

Since 2008, our tools and solutions have been written for Magento to fit exact requirements for e-commerce professionals. Stock management, purchasing, supply, quotation and private sales are just some of the domains covered by our tools. Using tools embedded in Magento prevents synchronisation issues commonly associated with third party ERP systems. This improves the general management for the ERP functions within an E- commerce store.

In 2009, Maison du Logiciel was created to market all our extensions and modules for Magento.

Maison du logiciel's success is due not only to our extension but also because we are able to provide the complete package including audits, analysis, training and specific customisations.

All our extensions are being constantly updated and improved based on our customers feedback and new e-commerce technologies. Our products will soon be available for other e-commerce platforms - for example prestashop.


Extensions by this Developer (22)
BoostMyShop 4.1 5 103 103
Very good extension This extension works very well to add products with ean, update inventory and prices. However, to create products on amazon, it's a bit more complicated, because you have to associate magento categories and attributes with amazon ones. But the support team is responsive and helped us to configure all. I do recommend that extension November 20, 2014
DONT BUY THIS EXTENSION After almost a year and after last update, the extension dont do what promises In last week i sent two tickets about troubles but no answer received So dont waste your time and money and run away this guy November 17, 2014
Not very transparent This extensions disables the "put back in stock" functionality that comes by default with magento. If you want to make it work again you need to buy their other extension Product Return (RMA) for an additional 169 euros. Essentially you have to pay extra for something that was working before you install the ERP. Not very transparent, very disatisfied with this November 6, 2014
No support for Magento 1.9 rwd The extension would be nice, but it doesn't work correctly with the new Magento 1.9 rwd theme. It's not responsive and breaks the theme in tablet or smartphone mode. And support is neglecting technological advance and customer needs, what they're saying is: "Sorry we do not size easyReview or any boostmyshop extension for smartphone we provide default screensize 1024 pixel". This needs no more words I think. September 30, 2014
Extension with some bugs This extension has some bugs (e.g. when pushing products) and isn't enhanced constantly. September 17, 2014
Good extension, but just one stuff But sometimes reviews are posted as guest, and twice. It can be great to get all the review posted and linked to the customer account. September 15, 2014
Excellent ERP system, perfect support! We are currently using this extension for about 3 years now. We have just upgraded the extension. The support since ever since we have become a customer. The extension works very well. However, since it is very elaborate you should take your time to get to know it. Since ERP is working with the same database as the shop does, you will have an advantage to other systems which need to connected to the webshop. Conclusion: perfect ERP system, excellent support! August 26, 2014
A Must have. Bought it twice. Magento Community not providing any serious tool to manage stocks, this extension is simply a must-have. We purchased it twice : first for our 1st Magento 1.3, and a second time once upgraded to 1.8. HUGE time saver. Serious value for money. August 7, 2014
Best Support I use 3 extensions of Boost My Shop and all of them work out of the box. Functions as described and awesome support. July 31, 2014
Scanner Use! Check First! Please check the use of expensive Datalogic scanners with this ERP extension if you want to use barcodes, it is not possible to scan en finish an order with these scanners. When you want to use a handheld barcodescanner with windowsCE installed you: - must print out the order on paper - scan ordernumber from paper pickinglist - pick your products - scan products till pickinglist is emty and then do it all again, "for second time": - move your products to another location where there is an PC met barcodescanner - scan ordernumber from paper - scan products into a PC - then finish order How difficult and expensive can you make it?? July 29, 2014
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