Final SMS Pro - The Leading SMS Solution for Magento - SMS Get Read Close To 100%

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Order updates, promotions and more straight to your customers' mobiles - 90% of SMS get read within 3 minutes!
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Final SMS Pro - The Leading SMS Solution for Magento - SMS Get Read Close To 100%

Final SMS Pro brings the convenience of SMS customer service, branding and marketing to Magento. It's developed from scratch to provide the final (as in ultimate) SMS solution for merchants seeking to include and extend the power of SMS to their eCommerce strategy using Magento.

Do you read SMS' on time, and never even missed one? Most likely you answer yes - And your customers do so too!

Feels Like Native Magento

The smooth integration of Final SMS Pro into Magento makes it look and feel like SMS was always an integral part of Magento.

Automated and Custom SMS Sending

Final SMS Pro offers everything you expect from an SMS extension for Magento - And maybe even a little more.

It can send transactional SMS, like the transactional Emails, known from Magento, and custom SMS, which you can schedule to any customers and backend users.

Configurable SMS per Transactional Template

You can setup SMS messaging for any transactional message (Email), which Magento can send. The SMS editing takes place on the same page as for Email templates - No additional steps needed.

Integrates With Any Extension

Extensions which use the Magento template system to send Emails, are ready to send SMS'.

Great examples are Sweet Tooth Rewards and Sweet Tooth Referrals & Affiliates - Send referrals/affiliates an SMS about new earnings or send your customers notifications about expiring points. There's simply no better way to motivate them.

The options are literally limitless, as with every extension you use for customer interaction, Final SMS Pro can be integrated to enhance the extension's value.

Schedule and Send Individual Messages

You can send custom messages to all customers of a website, a customer group, or even a single customer. Or to all your backend users (staff), a group or particular one.

All this can be scheduled to a specific time.

Maybe time zones came to your mind now, as you run several websites for different regions in the word. Don't worry - Final SMS Pro knows. 8 o'clock will be 8 o'clock (For your customers in that time zone), whatever time zone is configured for the particular store.

Just Smart

Final SMS Pro is a smartened application, providing a highly convenient experience - For you and your customers.

If the customer enters a local (non international) number, a selection will appear, where he can choose his international prefix. Preselected is the configured country for your website.

When editing SMS', Final SMS Pro shows message statistics and counts multi SMS messages respectively. Unicode languages are automatically detected and handled adequately. Setting the correct number of characters per SMS (different for Unicode), for correct cost calculation.

On order updates (Incl. invoicing, shipping and credit memo), it will show a preview of the actual SMS, incl. the comment your staff writes.

Smarter: Template Variables

Final SMS Pro knows about the lengths of the actual data of the template variables. The length of the SMS will accordingly be calculated on template editing. The lengths can be set in the backend for each variable. Final SMS Pro can calculate and set the needed lengths for the most valued variables, like customer and store frontend names.

Always shows the exact size of the SMS which will be send, just on template editing. No worries about cropped messages or customer names or too long messages.

Collect Mobile Numbers on Sign-Up/Checkout

Instead of relying on a "maybe" entered mobile number in the address field, Final SMS Pro collects the mobile number from the customer on sign up or first order. It's fully configurable per store view, if a mobile number is mandatory, or not.

Import Current Customer Mobile Numbers

Final SMS Pro can scan your current customer database for given mobile numbers in the address field and import them.

Currently this doesn't apply for numbers from USA and Canada, as USA and Canada don't make use of mobile operator prefixes. Therefore it's impossible to determine if it's a landline or mobile just by number prefix.
We'll provide a solution to this with the next release.

Predefined SMS Gateways

Common SMS gateways like Bulk SMS and RoutoMessaging are preconfigured.

Custom gateways can easily be added by entering the URL and data, which the gateway provide you, in the backend. No file editing needed.

Supports Extended GSM Characters

Extended GSM characters (€ { } \ [ ~ ] | ^) need 2 characters each, which Final SMS Pro already counts correctly while editing.

Supports Multi Part SMS

Final SMS Pro handles multi part SMS (Also called long or concatenated SMS). Incl. Unicode.

Full Unicode Support

For Unicode, Final SMS Pro shows 70 characters per message on message entry. And shows the correct number of needed SMS' for multi part messages, which allow 67 characters per SMS for Unicode.

Message Log

The extensive logging always shows you what got send, when and to whom, incl. the actual message text.

Always on The Budget

Know your actual costs: Totals (History, Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily) are shown in the message log, and per message.


Compatible with any custom checkout extension to collect the customers' mobile number.

Release Notes

Final SMS Pro 1.5.0 - Protects Your Store And More

2014-03-28 06:32:33
  • Version number: 1.5.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility:, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1
Final SMS Pro 1.5.0 comes with the following new features

Enhanced Protection of your Store

The new enhanced SMS validation ensures that only properly validated mobile numbers and customers from specific countries can register and order.

Blocking of IPs

Option to block specific IPs from requesting the sending of SMS. Comes pre-loaded with a list of IPs which're known for abuse/spam and updatable with a click.

Collect Mobile Numbers of Already Registered Customers

Option to collect mobile numbers from customers who registered before the installation of Final SMS.

Pre-Defined Color Schemes and Styles

Final SMS now comes with pre defined color schemes and styles to get you up and running straight away. At this time this just affects the validation code request button, but already paths the way for future enhancements.

Tested compatibility with Magento 1.8.x

Final SMS Pro 1.4.0 - Packed With New Features

2014-03-28 06:00:47
  • Version number: 1.4.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility:, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
Final SMS Pro 1.4.0 comes with the following new features:

Reception Times and Choice of Messages

Now your customers can choose at what times they'll receive SMSes. E.G. preventing receiving SMSes in the middle of the night.

Final SMS Pro will use the default timezone of the store the customer registered with. Additionally the customer can also set this manually for his account, incl. reception times and the SMSes he want to receive.

Character Substitution

For the Polish and Turkish languages you can now choose to substitute characters which're not part of the GSM character set and would require Unicode (70 characters per SMS). Using substitution, you can use 160 characters per SMS and e.G. for Polish the characters ą Ą ę Ę ó Ó ś Ś ł Ł ż Ż ź Ź ć Ć ń Ń will be converted to a A e E o O s S l L z Z z Z c C n N.

Support for aheadWorks Follow Up Email

As aheadWork's Follow Up Email bypasses Magento's transactional messages system to queue messages for later sending, we needed to implement special support for it.

Predefined SMS Messages

If you setup a new template, Final SMS Pro now loads a ready to use template for the SMS (English and German).

Final SMS Pro 1.3.5 - Now with Auto Integration

2012-05-23 13:57:58
  • Version number: 1.3.5
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility:, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
Full auto integration into front- and backend, support for older Magento versions down to 1.4.x and two more supported gateways.

About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by zinc

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Hi. I bought the extension and I'd like to share my opinion about it. Firstly: extension is great, very usable, has a lot of features, admin can handle custom sms providers, all works flawless, reports everything. I also want to tell You about the post-purchase service done by Zypo. Outstanding. I had some problems with my registration page, and they integrate it,inject the Final SMS Pro and it works know. The service is very kind, Michael is very helpful and creatively resolves all problems. The Final SMS Pro is a standard and benchmark for all sms-text marketing e-commerce tools on market. Thanks again.T May 4, 2012
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If I buy someone a virtual book token for my birthday and I want to time the delivery by SMS can this be set in the front end?
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