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This extension allows you to create multiple types of product links.
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Custom Product Relations

This extension allows you to handle from backend the creation of multiple product link types (relationships), as if they where regular product attributes.

So you can add a products attributes to an attributes set and create a new type of link to fill on the product edit page.

It provides an easy way to choose where to show each related product listing in the product page, and also as a CMS widget that is very easy to use, and also very customizable.

1.0 - Video tutorials / features display

Custom relation display options (bear in mind that is possible to change the options, or add more)

Create new custom product relation.

Add a CMS Widget

2.0 - Adding new attribute

Here is a video that shows how to add a new attribute to create a new product link type (relation).

That new relation will be shown in the product edition as a new tab where you can choose the products to relate.

Click here to watch the video of how to add a new attribute.


step 1, create the attribute "My Relation"

What you need to do is create a new attribute of the type "custom product relation".

a - go to the menu "catalog" > "Manage Attributes"

b - click on "add new attribute"

c - fill the form with this:

    code: my_relation

    catalog input type for store owner: yes/no

    default value: no

    product link type: yes

d - go to the tab "manage label options", and just add "My Relation" on them

e - click on save button

step 2, add that new attribute to the attribute set "default"

a - go to Catalog > Manage Attribute Sets

b - click on the attribute set "default"

c - drag from the left list "unassigned attributes" to the right list in the group "general" (the item will be at the bottom so scroll the list)

d - click save the attribute set

after that you are ready to use the new custom product relation.

step 3, using the new attribute in the product edition

a - enter to Catalog > Manage products

b - click on the product that uses the "default" attribute set name that you want to add "Associated PDFs"

c - on the general tab select "yes" for the option "My Relation"

d - go to the tab "My Relation" and click on the reset button, or just search the pdf downloadable products that you want to associate.

e - select the products from that grid

f - click on save

3.0 - Predefined new product relation

When the extension is installed, it automatically creates a new product attribute accesories that is added to the default attribute set. . You can create many of these, or modify this one if you like, it is just a default example.

This new attribute has the following options:

  • Don't show: which allows to choose on each product where if show or not this product relation, or temporally disable it without need to delete the associated products.
  • On the content: is an option to where to display the list on the product page.
  • On the right: idem.
  • On the left: idem.
  • On the product view: idem, this would show the list inside the product view template (view.phtml) on the additional area at the bottom.
  • Accessories title: is an example option to show how you could easily add different titles for each product, or different stores.
  • Large template: is an example option to show how to set a custom template for the product listing.
Click here to watch the video of how to use the default "accesories" attribute

4.0 - Adding CMS Widget

The extension allows you to create a specific widget for the new product relation types so you can add the list in any of your pages.

The widget allows you to set the title, choose the product, choose the attribute of the relation, set the template from a list of predefined templates and enter the number of column (for specific templates)

It is also possible to add new templates options by configuring your local.xml, that way the widget will list those new options

Click here to watch the video of how to add a Custom Relation Product List widget

5.0 - Attributes with multiple options

In the section 2.0 - Adding new attribute I explain how to create a new attribute. But that attribute has only the options to “show” or “hide” the relations.

The module allows you to do more specific customization, as you can see in the default attribute “accesories” you have more than just two options to show the relations.
You can create more attribute similar to this one.

Follow the same instructions than in 2.0, but with this changes

Step 2 - c Choose “Multipe Select” instead of “yes/no”

Step 2 - d Add as many option values as you need and fill them like in this image:</b>

When you add the options you want to allow administrators choose for this attribute, you will have to set the Admin label, which is what they will actually see on the select. and you have to add in the storeview value some instruction the option should execute.

Here is an explanation about the instructions that are posible to add in that place:

on each storeview value you can put one or more instructions separated by comma, i.e. position:left, after:-

each instruction has the sintax: instruction:value

    - position. The postiion let you choose other place to locate the product listing. By default it will add it to the right column, but with this instruction you can change that default behavior.
The instruction:
position: left
Is actually equivalent to add in the layout something like:

So this give you pretty much control for the relations on your custom template.

    - before/after. The before and after instructions are the same that are used in magento, the value "-" just mean all, you can also specify a specific block id in there as you would in an xml layout file.

    - title: Sets the attribute "title" for the listing block (Intellimage_CustomRelations_Block_Catalog_Product_List) if none is set then the Attribute value is used ("Accesories", "Associated PDFs", etc)

    - template: Sets the attribute "template" for the listing block, by default the listing block is "catalog/product/list/any.phtml", in here you can specify another template you want to use (or have the option to select) for this relation.

Release Notes

First version - tested on magento

2014-05-28 12:06:30
  • Version number:
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9
Same version successfully tested on magento

First version - tested on magento 1.8.1

2014-04-21 15:25:26
  • Version number:
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1
Same version successfully tested on magento 1.8.1 - 21 Apr 2014

First version

2013-11-24 07:53:05
  • Version number:
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8
First version created on 24 Nov 2013

About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by mauricioprado00

Custom Product Relations 5 5 7 7
Good support Really useful, lot of potential uses. Extra points for developer support! August 28, 2014
He is the best professional. It is a very good program. Thank you for quick answer. He kindly resolve all issue. He is the best professional. I recommend it. August 27, 2014
Awesome - should be core Magento functionality This mod should be a core part of the Magento system. Very easy install and setup, works exactly as described. Developer responds very quickly, and is friendly and helpful. If you think you need this mod, then you do. I wasn't 100% sure it was was I looking for, but it's not expensive so I took a punt. So glad I did, exactly what I needed and no hassle at all to use. Perfect! Cheers Mauricio! May 21, 2014
Fantastic extension and support! Hi Magento users! The installation & configuration went fast and smooth with absolutely no problems. The use of this extension is amazing and easy. With many options just like described. I wanted to place the custom relations in producttabs and didn't really know how to do this so i asked the developer. I got a helpful answer really fast. The support is great! If you have questions or are in need of some customization this developer is definitely the one you're looking for! Really recommendable extension for everyone that needs such functionality for Magento and definitely worth the money! May 1, 2014
Great Extension One more recommendation here. Extension does exactly as described. I had no problems installing and configuring it. I needed this extension to add 3 custom product relations and displaying those on product detail page. I had absolutely no problem creating my template file and using it with this extension. This extension offers lots of options and you can display your product relations anywhere you need them. It is really easy to set it up following instructions provided and if you get stuck anywhere there are couple of videos to help you out. I strongly recommend this extension to any one who needs to extend Magento with this kind of functionality. March 27, 2014
This extension is perfect! Hi Magento Users! I highly recommend this extension for you. Works perfect. I had some small settings problem, but Mauricio helped me very quick. So the support from their side quick and perfect! January 8, 2014
Great extension and support The extension installed smoothly and works as described. I had issues with my store, and the developer took the time to help me identify the problems with my core installation which were causing several issues (not related to this module at all). Definitely worth the money December 20, 2013
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Mass Import?

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Once the initial relation is setup, can products be assigned or updated via Magento import?

Do the relations show up in the export?
7 months ago
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None of the magento relations are by default exportable, if they were then they could be exported with the same mechanism.

But I have not implemented export/import mechanisms for this extension. However I will consider it for future and free upgrades. of the extension.

However if you are in a hurry to do it so, I could either write a custom extension for you or at least give you guidelines of how to interact with this extension so you can do it yourself.

By the way, sorry for the delay, but magento connect haven't notified me about the question.
7 months ago
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