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Reward Points extension for Magento: loyalty program/ customer reward program with loyalty point/ reward point
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Reward Points

The Easiest to use and Most customizable Magento Reward points Extension

  • 1 core Reward Points extension for Magento
  • 10 integrated plug-ins
  • Pay for what you need only and no monthly cost!
  • Free lifetime support and updates
  • Reward Points - Wanted

    Reward points Extension for Magento Benefits

    Magento Reward Points extension | standard benefit

    Reward points Extension for Magento - Standard Edition ($99)

    1. Earning Points

  • Customers earns points from placing orders
  • Magento Reward Points extension | earning points

  • You can set up rate to exchange money spent to points
  • Magento Reward Points extension | config earning rate

  • You can also set earning rates with different levels of priority or validation period for the reward points earned
  • 2. Spending Points

  • You set up rates to exchange reward points to money.
  • Magento Reward Points extension | config spending rate

  • Customers can choose the number of points to spend
  • Magento Reward Points extension | spending rate

  • You can aslo configure the minimum number of reward points to be redeemed or the maximum reward points allowed
  • 3. Managing Reward Points

    Manage reward points in 2 places.

  • Reward points on the top link:
  • Magento Reward Points extension | My account link

  • My Account > My rewards</p>

    Magento Reward Points extension | My reward page

    4. Managing Reward Point Transactions

    Magento Reward Points extension | Manage point transactions

    5. Changing Customers' Reward Points

    Magento Reward Points extension | changing points

    6. Using Reward Points While Creating Order In Backend

    Magento Reward Points extension | use points in creating orders

    7. Refunding Reward Points

    Magento Reward Points extension | refund points

    Reward points Extension for Magento - Platinum Edition ($229)

    Besides Standard features of Reward Points extension for Magento, Platinum edition provides more features with 4 Reward Points plugins.

    Magento Reward Points extension | Platinum benefit

    1. Reward Points Customer Behavior Plugin

    Enable Customers to earn reward points on birthdays or activities: signing up, subscribing to newsletters, taking polls, tagging products, rating and/or reviewing, liking/sharing via social networks.

    Magento Reward Points extension | earn points for writing a review

    2. Reward Points Report

    Magento Reward Points extension | report

    3. Reward points Refer Friends

    Magento Reward Points extension | refer friends

    4. Reward points Rule

    Allows setting more rules for reward points, including Shopping Cart Rules and Catalog Rules.

  • Reward points Catalog Earning Rule
  • Magento Reward Points extension | Catalog earning

  • Reward points Shopping Cart Earning Rule
  • Magento Reward Points extension | Shopping cart earning

  • Reward points Catalog Spending Rule
  • Magento Reward Points extension | Catalog spending

  • Reward points Shopping Cart Spending Rule
  • Magento Reward Points extension | Shopping Cart spending

    Reward points Extension for Magento - Advanced Edition ($429)

    1. Reward Points Transfer

    Allow your Customers to transfer points with each other.

    Magento Reward Points extension | send points

    2. Reward Points API

    Help manage the Reward Points system of your e-stores without logging in to Admin panel.

    3. Reward Points Event

    Enable you to create special occasions to give Customers reward points.

    Magento Reward Points extension | event repeated

    4. Reward Points Importer

    Allow importing/ exporting Customers’ point balances in CSV files

    Magento Reward Points  extension | manage point balances

    Magento Reward Points  extension | import point balances

    Magento Reward Points  extension | export point balances

    4. Reward Points Loyalty Level

    You can create and manage unlimited member levels or Customer groups with different preferential treatments related to your Reward Point program.

    Magento Reward Points  extension | different loyalty customer groups

    3. Reward Points Coupon

    With Reward Point Coupon feature, you can generate and print unlimited Reward coupon codes, which customers can redeem for points or discount on future purchases.

    Magento Reward Points  extension | manage reward point coupons

    Magento Reward Points  extension | reward coupon code printouts

    Detailed Page of Reward Points extension for Magento

    Frontend Demo of Reward points extension for Magento

    Frontend Demo

    Sandbox Demo of Reward points extension for Magento

    Sandbox Frontend

    Sandbox Backend


    Release Notes

    Released Reward Points Plus v1.0.0 in Core/ Plugins structure

    2013-11-14 07:32:48
    • Version number: 1.0.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7,,, 1.8,,,,, 1.10, 1.11, 1.11.1, 1.12

    What makes Reward Points Plus different?

    The easiest to use and most customizable Reward points Extension for Magento

    Since Reward Points Plus consists of a core extension and 7 integrated plug-ins, you can choose what functions (plug-ins) you want to create from a basic reward program to the most advanced one. The extension is reviewed by many store owners as straightforward and easy to configure. Pay for what you need only and no monthly cost!

    Version 4.0 (Updated on Feb 07th 2013)

    2013-11-14 07:18:34
    • Version number: 4.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
  • Configure special earning and spending rules for some catalogs and shopping carts
  • Add new feature Report for Reward Points.
  • Show information of collectible points in many places: Product page, Review box, Poll box...
  • Allow using points when creating orders in Backend.
  • Allow admin to view reward history of each customer
  • Released Reward Points extension v0.1.0

    2011-08-15 11:02:40
    • Version number: 0.1.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility:, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6,,,,,,, 1.10, 1.11

    Why should use Customer reward?

    To customers, gathering rewards point from buying activities will motivate them to make more sales. Why don’t set up one reward points system for web-store to enhance your customers’ good behavior – purchasing or inviting friends to your site? Customer reward module is completely customizable and helps you have an overview of reward balance of customers. This extension allows you flexibly exchange different units such as point, currency unit and click as you wish. Rewards system is also implemented with Referral program. Therefore, with Customer Reward, you can possess one of the most powerful tools for improving customers’ interaction and increasing sales rate.

    Outstanding features:


  • +Allow customers to collect points which are able to be redeemed. Points are earned through some actions as follows: registration, newsletter signup, product purchase, product review, tagging product, poll participation, Refer friend.
  • +There are many chances for customer earning additional points through various categories and products.
  • +Customers are able to collect points through referral system:
  • +Allow easily tracking transaction history through Customer reward balance of each customer’s account: the number of points earned or spent for purchase on the site, the expiry of points and so on.
  • +Available for customer to manage current points and update point/money rate.


  • +Sales enhancement - reward customers for good behavior: Award points are on not only just for the customer buying products, but also making your site and interacting with other customers better.
  • +Abbreviated Affiliate program: It supports pay-per-click and pay-per-sales, allowing you easily manage customers’ points according to number of clicks and sales through referral link.
  • +Incredible notification: For every when customer receives points, system will send auto-email template of announcement that how many points he earned. The module also offers email-template to notify the expiry of collected points and email to send link to friend of customer.
  • +Allow flexibly managing customer point balance via various parameters: Manage rate, Manage rule, Manage offer, and Transaction.
  • +Enable to generate different product groups applied for referral purchase up categories and selected products.
  • +Transaction information is offered for admin to control the point balance of every customer on individual basis – either enlarge or reduce number of points.
  • +Limit minimum number of points available to be redeemed.
  • +Limit maximum point balance earned.
  • +The module is sure to enhance current functionality of your store.
  • +Compatible with Magento version 1.4, 1.5.

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    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by magestore

    Reward Points 4.7 5 38 38
    The extension is the best in their category Dear Magento User, I use this extension on It works perfect. I recommend this product for you. After the install we had some small issue but Luis help us. Magestore customer service really the best. Thanks November 29, 2013
    Great product Great support. Our customers love it. Pretty easy to set up. Any problems, Louis is there to help. November 19, 2013
    The best Reward points module ever. Professional module, very versatile! I use this module on several Magento project and it's always met all my requirements. November 4, 2013
    Exactly as described and great support This extension works really well just as described. I had a few installation issues but the support was fantastic and fixed all issues straight away (well slight delay because of time difference but you can't complain about that!). Recommend to anyone looking for a quality reward points system. October 31, 2013
    Clear and simple module, just what we need, very professional and responsive support More recently I have become a regular customer of this company, this is my second module, in fact a lot of these modules can be found on the Internet, but they do offer to buy different plug-ins - why pay $ 300 immediately if you use only a few functions? It is very important for the stores - get what your business really needs, I think it is a very good offer. To get the basic functions I paid only $ 86, but when I need to extend the functions I can always buy additional plug-ins for $ 50 apiece, Such an interesting offer I could not find in any store extensions for Magento. The module is very simple to use, it works as described And I would like to say - those supporting the best that I have seen in 2 years of working with Magento cms. There may also be problems after installation, as used in my store over 10 different modules, but all problems are solved with a maximum 1 day after describing problems. This is very encouraging. Many stores refuse to help solve the problem - in this case, I do refund. But these guys are going in the right way, and it is very cool because they are developing modules that I really needed! October 2, 2013
    Great extension, best support ever It is a great extension. The best of all, the support. It is AWESOME, it is not the first time I get an extension from Magestore, and all the times we needed support and we received it, fixing the error we had in less of 24hrs. September 24, 2013
    Do not purchase on their site... I purchased the module on their site - Never got a confirmation/instructions for download, cannot log into my account, cannot use the forgot password (email never gets sent), cannot get a hold of anyone (I've spent several days trying their online chat, their telephone number which is disconnected, and their ticketing system). I would recommend getting the module from magentoconnect as their employees/customer service seem to be absent September 4, 2013
    Great Support! Had some issues after installation but was quickly resolved by magestore's awesome support team. Works fine with magestore onestepcheckout but look out for shipping rate issues if you have other extensions installed. Highly recommended. Cheers, seal August 30, 2013
    nice extension with an awesome support At first, I would like to have a little better implementations and interaction with facebook for this extension so others are attracted to see what custoemrs do or they can share it in the cart and so on . But it works well so far. But the support Team of Magestore is one of the best Ive ever seen fast acting very competent and knowledged. August 27, 2013
    Magestore Rocks! This product is simple, straight forward, and does not get in your way. It is an excellent compliment to any Magento site. Also great about this product is that it is really customizable. It uses the same filter mechanism as the Magento checkout rules, so you can apply a different amount of points based on product or category. We were also able to easily change the icons and name of the Reward Points to something more relevant to our industry. Users can see a full transaction history and the Admin interface is straight forward and intuitive. Louis and the team provided fantastic customer support and was willing to fix bugs where needed. They immediately resolved trouble tickets with in a 24 period. I am a developer in the US financial industry and have an e-commerce business on the side. I have worked with a number of off shore firms in my profession and I can honestly say that Magestore is the best offshore firm I have ever worked with. August 15, 2013
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    Upgrade policy ?

    Customer avatar
    Are future upgrades free of charge, or do you ask some price to upgrade the product ?

    Please, can you specify your upgrade policy ?
    8 months ago
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    Hi, does your module allow to create rules for reward actions that are not already defined in your module?

    I am looking at a specific Refer a Friend plugin, and am wondering if customers who use that plugin's feature can be rewarded points through your module.

    Please let me know.

    p.s. Also please let me know if your module already provides a Refer a Friend type feature.
    8 months ago
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    Avatar Image Url::
    Customer avatar

    We are in the process of upgrading our store with Magento and wanted to add the rewards extensions.

    When I buy this extension, will I get a license key to use it per installation.

    Currently we need to use this extension on our development platform and once completed, do we need buy this extension again to install on production environment as production is hosted on different cloud provider.

    Please clarify.

    2 months, 2 weeks ago
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    Avatar Image Url::
    Customer avatar
    is your extension compatible with Yotpo Product Reviews ?

    Can customers be awarded points for posting reviews through Yotpo Product Reviews?
    2 weeks, 3 days ago
    0out of 0found this question helpful.
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