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Complete Request for Quote (RFQ) solution. Manage and create quote requests via the front-end or backend.
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Request for Quotation

The trusted quotation module for 6k+ users
Find out why Cart2Quote is the most populair B2B extension and get started for FREE.

"Cart2Quote has become an exceptionally convenient
time-saver and a massive money-saver. Cart2Quote
doesn’t just process quote requests it has turned our business around."

              Ryan Freeman, President National Fitness Distributors



Strategically Place Quotation Buttons

• Enable “add to quote” buttons per specific product
• Enable “add to quote” buttons per storeview or website
• Enable quotations and quote buttons for specific customer groups
• Specify the visibility of buttons in the Magento grid/list view
• Configure the visibility of the "add to quote" buttons on the product page
• Cart2Quote supports all Magento producttypes (checkout the demostore)



Create Proposals Via Your Magento Backend

• Enter custom prices per product
• Add custom shipping prices
• Add additional surcharges per quote with Fooman Surcharge (when installed)
• Upload additional attachments with a proposal email
• Enter shopowner comments per product
• Show realtime profit/reduction margins
• Add or delete products from the quote request
• Add or delete tier quantities for a specific product
• Convert a quote request to an order using the admin panel
• Configure the visibility of the "add to quote" buttons on the product page
• Auto-send proposals based on Magento tier prices



Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

• Send PDF proposals by email
• Send reminders and expiry emails
• Manually send messages from within Magento (CRM)
• Create and update custom message templates



Assign Specific Sales Representatives

• Assign sales people to quotation requests manually or automatically
• Add internal comments to a quote request
• Assign super admins with extra rights
• Show all quotation requests per customer in a grid



Connect with your favorite CRM & ERP systems

• API with wsdl2 support (download the API manual)
• Quote request export via the Quotation grid actions
• Out of the box SalesForce integration with our partner PowerSync



Customize your Cart and Checkout + Not2Order

• Set alternative checkout url for thirdparty checkouts
• Disable order references in the cart
• Enable Ajax add to quote popup

"Unlike other quotation solutions out there, Cart2Quote is developed to create more sales. It is not simply adding a quotation button and form, but it's adding a complete new sales channel to your Magento store!"

What our customers say:

"Cart2Quote is the extension of choice.... These guys deliver great tools! With the lack of quoting extensions out there it is surprising to find their extensions so well done! True quoting with great functionality without much competition shows how great of a company they are... Well done guys... Well done…"

              TurboDoug on Magento Connect

"Why -Reinventing the wheel- as it's allready (well) done, We integrated it in a global solution as we need to provide this functions to our customers. we start from the free version, went to the Professional and soon we'll go on the Entreprises for it's ability to communicate via the API."

              Galilee on Magento Connect

"Cart2Quote has dramatically enhanced the experience that we are able to offer our customers. We are a fast paced business that has succeed by being flexible for our customers, and Cart2Quote allows us to bring some of that flexibility in to the static environment of the online store. Not only is Cart2Quote great software, but the team behind it is professional and responsive. We recently also purchased Not2Order, another great app, and can't wait to see what they do next."

              Sam Crowther on Magento Connect

More testimonials and examples



Versions & Pricing

We offer 5 versions of our Magento Quotation Module:
Free, Starter, Business, Enterprise and Corporate.
- The Free version offers only the front-end side of the quote request
- The Starter and Business versions are fully loaded
- The Business and Enterprise versions are usable on unlimited domains
- The Corporate version has unlimited development licenses

Compare The Cart2Quote Versions.

Looking to hide prices and disable the ordering of products in combination with Cart2Quote? Have a look at Not2order also.
This Magento extension works seamless with Cart2Quote.
Go to: Not2order - Hide Prices, Disable Ordering


Web: Cart2Quote website
Screenshots: Quotation processes and screenshots
Showcases: Examples and Testimonials
Live Demonstration: Live demo Magento quotations
Pricing: Versions and Prices Cart2Quote
Support: Support forum

Cart2Quote Versions

Now you're in Business
5 stars

Release Notes

Release Notes - Cart2Quote 5.1.0-stable (July 06, 2015)

2015-07-06 15:45:05
  • Version number: 5.1.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9

Release Notes - Cart2Quote 5.1.0-stable (July 06, 2015)
Magento version requirements

Magento 1.7+
PHP 5.3+

Highlight: CRM: Audit Trail on the quotes (Quote status history)
Highlight: CRM: Two-way communication: Customers can now comment on a quote in the frontend and sales reps can respond in the backend
Highlight: 'Magento Shipping Methods can be added from the backend' is out of Beta

Added: Ability to filter quotes in the customer dashboard
Added: Ability to overwrite the cost price in the edit quote screen (by clicking on cost price)
Added: CRM: templates accepts more objects (like: {{var quote.increment_id}} )
Added: en_AU translation
Added: Hide quotes from other sales reps
Added: Multiple file upload on quotes in the backend
Added: Option to select which sales reps are available in the quotes
Added: Support for Magextension_SDOCP
Added: Tiered cost prices (Cart2Quote Enterprise only)

Fixed: Adding a product via quick quote will redirect to quote-cart
Fixed: After Print, Submit proposal button doesn't work in backend
Fixed: Custom option with price adjustment in percent is calculated as currency
Fixed: 'Enter new Quote Subtotal' sometimes wrong when quote has products with special prices
Fixed: Error in backend on Date_time Custom option
Fixed: Fatal error on edit locket quote in magento backend
Fixed: FPC cache not cleared on delete product
Fixed: Multiple selectable custom options on the PDF are not showing all the selected options.
Fixed: Shipping price zero when tax is based on billing
Fixed: Virtual products prices are zero
Fixed: When having Cart2Quote and Not2Order enabled while the add-to-cart button disabled, the form redirects the customer to the checkout when pressing 'enter' button.
Fixed: When using Magento the advanced page is not showing / uses allot of memory

Improved: "After Adding a Product Redirect to Quotation List" is back in the advanced settings
Improved: Cart2Quote logs all exception to own log files now
Improved: Customer firstname and lastname is now Customer Name in the backend quote list
Improved: Edit Quote page title (backend)
Improved: Email design templates are now always loaded from frontend design
Improved: Every action has events now
Improved: German translation
Improved: New manuals
Improved: Payment Method is persistent in the backend
Improved: Remarks are now persistent in the frontend
Improved: Responsive quick quote functionality
Improved: Shipping method is now also already selected when switching from quote to order in the backend
Improved: Update script (SQL reinstall checks on group_allow_quotemode)
Improved: Warning when email is disabled

Release Notes - Cart2Quote 5.0.1-stable (February 26, 2015)

2015-02-26 14:15:36
  • Version number: 5.0.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9

Magento version requirements

Magento 1.7+
PHP 5.3+

Highlight: (Beta) Configurable form fields in quote request form (RWD and base, Enterprise only)
Highlight: Completely revised the System > Configuration pages
Note: After updating to v5.0.1, you can't downgrade to v4.x.x anymore.
Highlight: Completely revised the translations
Added the file 'Ophirah_Qquoteadv_NonTranslatedKeys.csv' that contains a list of missing translation keys
'Ophirah_Qquoteadv.csv' and 'Ophirah_Qquoteadv_Adminhtml.csv' are merged to one single file. ('Ophirah_Qquoteadv.csv')
Removed unused translation keys
Replaces some translations in the code so that more keys are translated by Magento itself
Highlight: Magento CE and EE support

Added: Email templates for free users
Added: Help message in case of an ionCube issue
Added: Option to force the default product price as original price
Added: Support page in System > Configuration

Fixed: Enterprise-trial users can't use reminder email and CRMaddon
Fixed: GetDefaultGroup on non-object after getWebsite(true)
Fixed: GetMessagesBlock now uses toHtml instead of getGroupedHtml
Fixed: License check for Enterprise edition on auto reminder function
Fixed: License check on Enable Quotations for Customer Group
Fixed: License check on My Quotes page in the customer account dashboard
Fixed: Magento CE and EE configurable product 'Add to Quote' button goes to Cart
Fixed: Not 'allowed to order' bundles are now orderable in the backend
Fixed: Notice on removing qty in backend
Fixed: Product with the same qty and id get the same price on 'edit product' in the backend.
Fixed: Quote fallback state STATUS_PROPOSAL_BEGIN/10 is not translated
Fixed: Quotes with STATUS_BEGIN are shown on quote admin grid
Fixed: Trial users can't edit products - missing product data
Fixed: When requesting shipping estimates in the front-end the product get extra tier qty.

Improved: After adding a product, redirect now follows the Magento Cart setting
Improved: Dutch translations
Improved: Expire emails are not send for free users
Improved: Information message for users without ionCune
Improved: License system
Improved: Load time of config pages
Improved: Removed unused images

Release Notes - Cart2Quote 4.4.0-stable (October 16, 2014)

2014-10-21 15:34:07
  • Version number: 4.4.0.
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9

Magento version requirements

Magento 1.7+
PHP 5.3+

New: Quote versioning (like order versioning)
New: Support for HHVM (Only for OpenSource, check 200% speed improvement is awesome!)

Multi shop/currency/vat:
Fixed: Shipping price not shown in email
Fixed: Shipping price in correct currency and vat
Fixed: Tablerate shipping
Fixed: Currency symbol
Fixed: Showing wrong currency in backend
Fixed: Discount wrong or not calculated
Fixed: Create a foreign quote from backend
Fixed: Using wrong tax in backend
Fixed: Quote has wrong default tax (default was always US tax rules)
Fixed: PDF shows wrong currency and uses default store view settings
Images in email or PDF:
Fixed: Image url's that have the wrong extension are filtered
Fixed: Image file that is not in the database not supported
Fixed: Images in PDF/E-mail file_get_contents(No-selection)
Fixed: Images in email can be huge
Fixed: Speed improvements in CollectTotals
Fixed: Can't disable discount rules
Fixed: In some cases a wrong calculation with multiple bundles on a quote
Fixed: Continue Shopping Button now goes back to the last product.
Fixed: Remark and quantity are removed after addProduct in backend
Fixed: Disappearing shipping prices
Fixed: Key_exists is deprecated (still available in PHP 5.6)
Fixed: Default attachments (added in config) don't have a content-type in email
Fixed: Shipping address checkbox checked when shipping address is required
Fixed: The settings of 'Fooman Surcharge' give an error on quoteadv ship rate
Fixed: Add 'disabled product' to quote message
Fixed: Better error message when proposal can't be sent
Fixed: Downloadable shows better in email
Fixed: Missing sales representative name
Fixed: Error: getChildren on non-object
Fixed: Incomplete line in translation
Fixed: VAT input field missing CSS class on quote form
Fixed: State is required on quote form
Fixed: Company is required on quote form
Fixed: Made auto generated password length 7. (instead of 6 for PCI compliance)
Fixed: OpenSource license check
Notices and warnings:
Fixed: Warning: getimagesize(no_selection)
Fixed: Notice on ItemCost
Fixed: Notice on imageWidth and imageHeight with PHP strict
Fixed: Notice on grouped products in observer
Fixed: Notice on order status with PHP strict

Improved: Dutch translation

Added: CSS to enable mouse hover on tooltip and clicking on help links.
Added: events before/after adding items to quote
Added: support for servers without 'exif'
Beta Features (To use these features, enable the 'Beta features' in the Cart2Quote config settings)

Multi shop/currency/vat:
Fixed: Shipping information - BETA in correct currency and vat

Release Notes - Cart2Quote 4.3.1-stable (June 6, 2014)

2014-07-09 10:05:02
  • Version number: 4.3.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9
For the latest release notes check:

Fix: Changes to the customer account can now be saved when quotation tab has been opened
Fix: Correct product image link in e-mail template
Fix: Quote shows correct amount when currency has been changed in the frontend
Fix: ”… cannot be ordered for requested qty” error
Fix: Logo in e-mail templates
Fix: Massupdate getTableName missing prefix

Added: Quote number format can be set per store
Added: Support for configurable product type with custom options
Added: Support for virtual product type
Beta Features (To use these features, enable the 'Beta features' in the Cart2Quote config settings)

Magento Shipping Methods can be added from the backend
Shipping Estimates can be requested when placing a quote request

Release Notes - Cart2Quote 4.1.5-stable (July 31, 2013)

2013-07-31 19:58:43
  • Version number: 4.1.5
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
New: CRM functionality. Communicate with your customers through Magento (Cart2Quote Enterprise only)
New: Magento tax settings now fully supported. Cart2Quote now supports all possible tax configurations.

Fix: shipping address State/Province is required when regions are selectable
Fix: "Resubmit Quote" button available for quote status "Ordered" in customer dashboard
Fix: Autoconfirm link only works when quote can still be ordered
Fix: Quote Items mixup from core sales_quote_item if quote id and products were identical

Added: Spanish Translation
Added: Totals block of Quotation are now based on selected tier quantities
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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by Cart2Quote

Request for Quotation 4.5 5 129 129
Cart2Quote.... the best quoting system out there! Hi, Since we have installed Cart2Quote we have seen a 50% increase in quote conversion and 25% in new sales revenue! The Magento extension provides full CRM and Quoting for new and existing customers across all of our brands and the process steps (status) and email notifications to our customers and to the sales staff are excellent. The extension installed without any issues on our Magento platform and we deployed within 48 hours! Thanks again, Jim Russell WebWorx Corporation March 16, 2014
Great product, easily implemented & easy to customise All the functionality we require to run our businesses online presence, received great support from the developer, found it easy to implement and customise, but that will vary based on your magento & programming experience, out of the box the front end functionality suited a slightly different use which is of no fault of the extension, more so the functionality I had in mind for it, but I found it very easy to customise, reasonable documentation with great support from Marc when I got stumped, and the admin functionality works spot on. I spent a lot of time customising the printable quote PDF, but only because we have specific requirements for our quote layout, for most people the standard layout will work just fine. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience implementing cart2quote and I highly recommend it. March 12, 2014
More Sales with Cart2Quote We use Cart2Quote for a while now and we are very happy with it. A nice extention for our customers and for our self. Our sales increased because of the quotes! February 18, 2014
A Must Have for B2B If you are serious about B2B you MUST have this product !!!! Having looked around the market there isnt another product that comes close to this with respect to B2B functionality - our customers love it. February 12, 2014
Where have you been my whole life! OK I have been searching for a tool like this for years! Literally I have been on Google searching "Magento Send Invoice to customer" or "Magento send invoice to customer to pay from" and nothing came up. Then I find Cart2quote and I am glad I did. So we get lots of emails with custom quotes. Our old way was this. 1. Communicate with customer via email 2. Send them a paypal invoice 3. Verify that they have paid 4. Manually send reminders 5. Once paid go to our store and pretend to be a customer and manually enter all of their information in Magento including paypal transaction id. Very manual and very time consuming. Compare that to Cart2quote where among many things we just enter their email address and address and click send and are done! The rest is automatically done. This software is awesome! My only request is that one day we dont have to enter customer address to send quote. Just enter product and email and done. Regardless this extension has been a HUGE time saver. February 6, 2014
Excellent product very happy with the extension & it beneficial for our company & clients February 4, 2014
This extension has simplified our sales process! This extension has given us the ability to create custom orders for customers, this is especially helpful with our phone orders. January 23, 2014
Amazing Support & Great Ability To Customize I was a little skeptical at first, seeing as this is one of the only quote modules for Magento, but I only have good things to say about this module. Whenever I ran into issues Marc Fleer and his team were very helpful and got back to me in a day or two. The only thing I would ask for are some tutorials to be released on how to properly customize this module. November 27, 2013
Good Extension, good support really good review, particularly if you are dealing with B2B customer. Good support that get back to you quickly November 25, 2013
Very happy This is a very good tool for selling high-end more expensive products. The customer gets the opportunity to be heard... and get a better price. Easy to handle from the back-end and to offer a quote is now a piece of cake! Hopefully the customers like it too. It is another step to be ahead of my competitors. Great job! November 22, 2013
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Customer avatar
Auto submit proposal Dosn't work at all, I set the Auto submit proposal in configuration / Quotations, but the setting deosn't work. My customer really wants to purchase, but the bug scared him.
2 years, 4 months ago
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Customer avatar
The auto submit proposal is part of the paid features set, so make sure you have a working licence or check if you trial is still active.

If you still encounter issues, please contact our support desk.
1 year, 11 months ago
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Customer avatar
You have mentioned this extension is for free but after clicking this get extension button its opening another window and its asking for plans in the url
2 years, 2 months ago
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Avatar Image Url::
Customer avatar
On the page you are referring to there is a link that sends you to the free version. Its under the product box for the Standard version.

Or you can go directly to:
1 year, 11 months ago
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0 answers

Checkout Disabled?

Avatar Image Url::
Customer avatar
Can I disable the add to cart and checkout for a product that I have enabled the Quote Feature?

If not, can I combine this product with your NoCheckout product to get the desired functionality?
1 year, 8 months ago
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Avatar Image Url::
Customer avatar
Hi There,
We want to sand Propoal with 2 image.But you have only one file upload at Quote Request Option.
1 year, 6 months ago
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0 answers


Avatar Image Url::
Customer avatar
What a night mare ive installed the free version of this to use as a free trial to make sure it is what i want before spending big bucks!
I didnt have ioncube on my server and so it took my site down.
because of this i removed it from the ssh and manually cleaned the cache and my site has come back to an extent
however if i click on any products in the front or back end i just get a 404 error
I am stumped and so is my hosting company
1 year, 5 months ago
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Avatar Image Url::
Customer avatar
We do not want customers to initiate a quote! Can we use this system to generate customized quotes only from backend? We want our sales staff to provide quotes after a dialouge with the customer rather than through our website
1 year, 4 months ago
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Customer avatar
i have been trying to add bundle products to quote but i am not able to add those products to quote.

after adding bundle options also it showing Please specify product option(s).
can you pls tell me it showing. after selecting this.
phani kumar
1 year, 1 month ago
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0 answers

Different File Types

Customer avatar
Hello, I need to allow users to upload .ai, .psd, and .zip on the quotes. Is there any place where I can select the allowed extensions? Thanks!
5 months ago
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Customer avatar
I plan to use this plugin on services marketplace. Im using cybage marketplace plugin.
Will this plugin campatible to all vendors and buyers in the marketplace model?
2 months, 3 weeks ago
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  • 2015-07-29T15:31:57.916-05:00
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  • 2015-07-29T15:31:57.918-05:00
  • bvseo_lps, prod_bvqa, vn_prr_5.6
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  • co_hasquestionsanswers
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