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Manage featured Manufacturers, Shop by Brands, multiple views, add content, manage blocks and much more...
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Shop By Manufacturers/Brands

Front End Display

Featured Brands

Front End is ready with Featured Brands listed with in a Javascript Slider displaying the Brand Logo and Brand Name linked to the Brands Profile Page which has the info for the brands and all products for that particular brand. Featured brands are selected from the Admin.

Brands / Manufacturer

Brands Block lists brands in a Grid format displaying 4 brands in a row. By Default All brands are listed and an A to Z Alphabets are displayed for ease of use. You can Click on the letter to display all brands starting with that letter. Then Click on that Brand Logo to display all products for that Brand.

Brands Page

All Brands are listed in a dropdown alphabetical in the left Navigation. Brand Logo, Brand Info displayed on this page and can be modified according to your theme. All products associated with this Brand are listed in the default Magento grid. The Brands Page has a SEO friendly URL which is entered by the Admin.

Product Detail Page

Brand Logo is displayed on the Product Detail page. You Can theme it according to your liking. This will surely help drive the Sales. The Brand logo is is linked to the brands page if you need to see more products by this brand.

Manage Manufacturers

Manufacturers Grid

-Shows the Manufacturers Id, Logo, name, SEO identifier, number of products listed under the manufacturer, website of the manufacturer, Status and a link to Edit the manufacturer
- Change Status or delete by selecting from the gird and selecting the action
- All default functionality which comes with Magento grid, like search, filter, pagination

Export to CSV

- You can Export the Manufacturer to a CSV or XML file
- Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add Manufacturers

Manufacturers Information
- Name
- SEF URL identifier
- Website of the Manufacturer
- Make the manufacturer Featured (Yes/No)
- Address of the Manufacturer
- Store Views
- Status
- About the manufacturer (WYSIWIG)
- Logo

Meta Data
- Page Title
- Meta Keywords
- Meta Description

Contact Details
- Contact Person Name
- Phone
- Fax
- Email
- Address

Attach with Products
- Search for the products that you would like to attach the Manufacturers with. Comes with the Magento type search for the Ease of use.

Import / Export

Import Manufacturers

- Import the list of manufacturers into Magento so you don't have to do any data entry

Export Manufacturers

- Export the 100s of manufacturers into a CSV file for use later on.

Import From Magento

Import Manufacturers

- Import manufacturers from attribute in Magento. This has to be predefine in Magento and set in the configurations.


Manufacturers List

- Define the page layout by selecting from empty to 1 column to 2 column to 3 columns by selecting them from a dropdown.
- Set the Page Title by just editing the text field e.g ‘Shop By Brands’
- Set the Main heading of the page by editing the text field
- You can set the number of Brands / Manufacturers to display per page by entering a number in the field. (Set it for 0 for no limit)
- Show manufacturers with logo or no logo. You select this option from the drop down.
- Settings for the logo where you can define the height, width, background color
- Number of characters for the short description (0 for no limit). You can limit it by entering a number e.g 255
- You can define the Meta Keywords and Meta Description for the main brands page. This will help you in Search Engine Optimization
- Sort Manufacturers by selecting from a dropdown with the options: Alphabetically or Creation Date
- Order Manufacturers By by selecting from a drop down with the options: Ascending or Decending

Product Detail Page

- Enable Product View Brand Info or keep it disabled. Just select yes or no from the drop down.
- Product Page Heading - (Text that displays on product detail page with Logo eg: (Brands, Manufacturer).
- Other Products by Brand Link - (Link to other products of the brand eg: (See other products by)
- You have the option to define the setting for the logo on the detail page where you can define the height, width, background color e.g (0,0,0) if your images are small in width or height then image should be cropped according to original size and blank space should be filled with the given color

Left Navigation Setting

- You can set the number of Manufacturers Shown in Left Nav.
- Slider type to show in the left nav. You have the option to select from (Dropdown, List)
- Option to Sort Left Manufacturers Alphabetically, or creating date
- Order Manufacturers in the left Nav. by selecting from a drop down with the options: Ascending or Descending

Featured Manufacturers Block Settings

- Set the Heading for the Featured Manufacturers Block
- Slider Width: (set width of slider according to page layout e.g(One Column=900, Two Column=610, Three Column=475)
- You have the option to define the setting for the logo on the detail page where you can define the height, width, background color e.g (0,0,0) if your images are small in width or height then image should be cropped according to original size and blank space should be filled with the given color
- Option to Sort Featured Manufacturers Alphabetically, or by Creation Date
- Order featured Manufacturers by selecting from a drop down with the options: Ascending or Descending

Import From Magento Attribute

- set the attribute code in the text field (eg: manufacturer) (Note: the import from Magento only works if Attribute is a drop-down)

Search Engine Optimization

- Set the URL suffix (eg: .html)


If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime! FME Support Helpdesk.

Release Notes

Shop by Manufacturers Extension enables you to Manage Manufacturers in Magento!

2010-07-21 10:46:23
  • Version number: 0.1.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6
Supports Latest Magento Version.

About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by FMEExtensions

Shop By Manufacturers/Brands 2 5 32 32
This extension really has improved the shopping experience by allowing our shoppers to easily shop by manufacturer or brand. FME has built a strong extension that includes brand logos and descriptions and is very easy to edit and navigate through. We highly recommend this extension! March 10, 2012
Solid extension. Plug and play. We are running three different Magento stores on 3 different versions and no compatibility issues. Great extension. March 6, 2012
Works great! Import from already existing attribute "manufacturer" easy to use and can be customized easily too. 100% satisfied i am long time client from FME and magento store owner since 2008. March 6, 2012
Coded with feets. I spent more time to make it work than if I coded it myself. I saw bugs like calling a variable $width once and $widht some lines after. The support doesn't answer. It is the third "shop by manufacturer" extension I buy, and still haven't found a solid one. March 2, 2012
This extension is a great extension and the price is ok! Normaly the brand page extensions are very expensive but this one is way better. The Support from this team is amazing. I wanna have the manufacturer image on the category list and they fixed that very quick! 10+ for support and 10+ for this extension. February 15, 2012
Good extension but how do I localize the drop-down menu item "Shop by" February 11, 2012
this extension is good and easy to configure, only problem is after installation somehow a manufacture link is on top of header and footer of template. is there a way to remove that link? its messing up my template. February 9, 2012
FME Shop By Manufacturer has been updated with New Features, Compatible with 1.6 ... please go through the updated list of features and hopefully it will increase sales for you when you users are able to browser your product by brands. FME Team October 20, 2011
Great extension need little bit issues to solve at first but it's great add-on. small details like drop to select by manufacturer is not in alpha order. But in general support fixes this. September 15, 2011
Nice Extension. Unfortunately it's not working out of box with magento 1.5.x since there are at least 2 bugs with are breaking it's functionality. + it was very sad to find something like this in the code: <?php $_columnCount = $_columnCount; ?> August 17, 2011
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