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Enable your customers to shop by brands/manufacturers and shop by multiple attributes at the same time!
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Shop By Brands

Shop by Brand extension for Magento enables you to create separate pages for brands presented in your store and link to them from product pages, thus making it easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific brands (manufacturers, artists, authors, etc.). The extension can be applied to any number of single-select attributes simultaneously, so your customers can shop by multiple attributes.

CE-compatible version:

EE-compatible version:

Navigation Features:

  • Can be applied to any number of single-select attributes simultaneously;
  • Allows shoppers to filter products by brand, with a categories sidebar shown on the page as well;
  • Allows for displaying brands only from the current category in the sidebar block;
  • Allows for using Magento layered navigation and/or AITOC's Layered Navigation Pro on brand pages;
  • Has an option of displaying categories as a tree on brand pages;
  • Creates a new block with links to the most popular or featured brands;
  • Adds a new menu item listing all Brands in alphabetical order;  
  • Allows for displaying Brand /Manufacturer pages on the Sitemap;
  • Has an option of listing only the brands that are currently in stock.

Brand Display Features:

  • Places small brand logos for brands sidebar block and/or on all brand pages;
  • Specifies the number of products listed under each brand in the Brands List;
  • Allows creating editable brand information pages with customizable layouts;
  • Allows to insert a brand block or brand logo on a product page and links from product pages to associated brand pages;
  • Allows for setting the sort order for products on the brand page.

Admin/Settings Features:

  • Automatically fills out the list of Brands, you don’t have to do it manually;
  • Allows for using WYSIWYG for brand description on brand edit page;
  • Allows custom settings per store view;
  • Allows for creating different lists of Brands for each store view and/or website.

SEO features:

  • Allows for optimizing brand pages for search engines by specifying custom meta-tags and SEO-friendly URLs;
  • Allows for using canonical link meta tags for categories;
  • Allows for customizing the brand page URL by removing the .html and adding a mask around the brand name.

The extension comes with User Manual and Installation Guide and is Open Source. To get a better idea of how the extension works and to see its real-life implementation, please take a look at this short video.

CE-compatible version:

EE-compatible version:

Live Demo:
Please note that the extension is already enabled, there's no need to Manage Aitoc Modules in the back-end of the demo.
To view all brands page go to

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Release Notes

Fast creation and management of detailed manufacturer profiles. Instant access to vendor-specific products and services. Quick and intuitive navigation through the product catalog.

2009-05-18 17:47:26
  • Version number: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6,,,, 1.10, 1.11
Aitoc Shop by Brand Extension enables you to create separate pages for brands presented in your store, link to them from products’ pages and allow your customers to browse and shop by brands. Also, instead of brands you can use any category relevant to your store, such as manufacturers, artists, authors, etc. This solution has a long and successful history at many leading online stores, and now it’s available for Magento.

List of features:
* Creates a new block with links to the most popular brands.
* Enables you to optimize brands' pages for search engines by specifying custom meta-tags and SEO-friendly URLs
* Allows for editable brand information pages with customizable page layout.
* Allows filtering all products by brand, with categories sidebar on the page
* Creates a link from product's page to the brand page
* 100% open source
* Comes with User Manual and Installation Guide

About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by AITOC

Shop By Brands 3.7 5 19 19
Best customerservice ever. Absolutely great extension. A must-have for the serious ecommerce person! July 30, 2012
My experience with the extension is good, we have installed it in our new project. The support is spectacular, they connected to our server and modified our extension to meet our needs. The only negative thing is the price structure, very high price in some situations. April 28, 2012
Reliable extension and professional company March 28, 2012
My experience with Aitoc has been very pleasant. They installed the module with a few tweaks, which you would expect on a modified site, and got it running in a few hours from the first email. Very quick. The Extension is critical on any retail site like mine ( March 19, 2012
We're running Magento EE 1.9.1. This particular extension has crashed our site on multiple occasions. We're looking for an alternative solution. November 16, 2011
The price listed is not the price that 99% of stores will end up paying, because you have to pay way more if you have even a modest number of products. The extension is only half finished - instead of staying on a 'brand page' while you're browsing that particular vendor, it just runs a search query for that manufacturer and displays the results. I am rapidly losing faith with AITOC who seem to be increasingly producing extensions of a much poorer quality than when I first started using them. August 16, 2011
We've had an awful experience with this extension: aside from being extremely painful to install, it introduced frequent, hard-to-diagnose problems that completely break our site. We are now looking to remove the extension ASAP and replace it with something else. For us, it's been a huge waste of our time. July 26, 2011
DON'T EVEN BOTHER - far too expensive for stores that actually have a serious need for this extension. They're just trying to squeeze as much cash out of stores with large product-lines. Search Google for 'magento shop by brand' and you'll find at least three other extensions that will do the job for you. February 21, 2011
I absolutely LOVED this extension......until I tried to upgrade and realized they changed their pricing model. For a decent sized store, a handful of extensions quickly becomes extremely expensive. I can't understand the price jump from $69 for 100 products to $699 for over 10k? That's crazy since the extension doesn't interface with their server or require ongoing resources from them!?!? Don't get me wrong, AITOC extensions are awesome, but I find it hard to swallow the enormous price change for future projects. January 19, 2011
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If I have an existing store with categories and products, is it possible, using this module, to refine products by brand, based on their existing categories? E.g. if my existing category tree contains the category Electronics, with two sub categories Televisions and Computers, is it possible to show all products with the brand 'Sony' in 'Televisions' ? or all 'Sony' Computers?
1 year, 3 months ago
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Customer avatar

Thank you for your interest in our extensions.
Looks like the scenario you described can be achieved using the magento means. You just need to have Layered Navigation enabled on category pages. In this case you will have an extra navigation that allows to narrow down the category by several parameters like price, manufacturer (brand) and etc.
With our Shop be Brands extension you can have brands pages that include all products from all categories for one brand on the one page. At the same time the extension allows using magento Layered Navigation on brand page (and even our Layered Navigation Pro extension) so you can narrow down the brand products by categories, price, color and etc. E.g. you can browse all Sony products and then, if you want to browse computers only you choose "computers" in navigation on Sony page and you get Sony computers only.
You may submit support ticket at our site in case in case you have any further questions or would like to get more details and demo links.
1 year, 3 months ago
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Customer avatar
Hello Support

getting below error on attribute save page:

"Too many input values. Please decrease number of options to save or increase max_input_vars php setting"

Please reply ASAP

2 months ago
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Avatar Image Url::
Customer avatar
This is not a place to address requests especially when you need an answer ASAP.
For any support questions please submit support tickets at our site directly.
In this case you just need to increase php variable and make sure your changes are applied.
2 months ago
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