Lucky Draw / Sweepstake for Magento

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Magento Lucky Draw helps to create sweepstake, reward customers who own prize codes. FREE lifetime support
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Lucky Draw / Sweepstake for Magento


Do you know running interactive campaigns like sweepstakes or giveaways is the most effective way to fulfill a number of marketing goals at once? It helps build a fan base, collect a mailing list, drive more traffic or just generally increase your brand awareness. However, to adopt this viral marketing trend, there are inconveniences because of involving to third parties and paying fee each time you use their service. No more worries since our Magento Lucky Draw extension gives you the ability to create and manage lucky draw programs right in your e-store!
benefits | Magento Lucky Draw extension


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Create/ Manage Lucky Draw programs with ease You can set up a lucky draw within few minutes. Prize, duration time, terms and conditions, etc. are easily configurable.
create lucky draw program
Game interface Using the game interface makes it more fun for enticing Customers to join and your fortune game becomes more viral.
game interface
Enter the lucky program with ease Every Customer easily gets a lucky code by registering within few seconds. Information in their registration form (email, telephone…) certainly helps you collect more new contacts and understand better about your Customers.
Magento Lucky Draw extension | Enter the lucky program with ease
Refer program to friends By referring the program to fiends, Customers can receive extra lucky codes. The more codes they get, the higher of their winning chance! And there is no doubt that it will help increase traffic to your website as well.
Magento Lucky Draw extension | Refer program to friends
Receive prize The winner will be announced publicly on the lucky draw page and received a confirmation email.
Magento Lucky Draw extension | winner 1
Redeem unlucky codes (failed codes) No one will leave empty-handed. Other participants are still able to make use of their codes to receive discount on future orders at your store.
Magento Lucky Draw extension | using failed codes


For Customers
  • Easy to join in lucky draw programs and receive lucky codes without charging any amount.
  • Ability to refer friends through email or social channels and receive more lucky codes if their friends join in program.
  • Able to get reward if owing prize code.
  • Failed codes can be redeemed for credit toward their purchases.
For Admin
  • Easy to create and manage lucky draw programs on your site.
  • Enable to set program name, prize, start time, end time, status for each program.
  • Ability to pause and resume, process and complete programs.
  • Easy to manage all lucky draw codes in the system.


  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with Magento Community edition 1.4-1.8 & Enterprise edition 1.9-1.12

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Sandbox Demo

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Release Notes

Version 1.1 (released on Nov 15th 2012)

2014-04-26 04:22:03
  • Version number: 1.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
Version 1.1 (released on Nov 15th 2012)

Fix error occurring when sending invitation email to multiple friend’s emails.
Fix error occurring when exporting lucky draw code.
Fix error occurring when disabling captcha.
Fix error occurring when filtering codes in backend.

Version 1.0 (released on Sept 5th 2012)

Release stable version 0.1.0.


About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by Magestore

Lucky Draw / Sweepstake for Magento 5 5 13 13
Perfect tool to increase email database "To my knowledge this is probably the best way to increase your email database which you can use from time to time for viral promotion" - Posted by Alejandro at November 25, 2013
Goob job I use and recommend! Recently bought the module lucky draw and we need a little tweaking to make a little more personalized, as intension customer. We ask for support from the support team and we were served simply and objectively. I thank the developers and technical support. Excellent work. November 7, 2013
This extension has great features This extension has great features. Support is superb of this extension. overall excellent extension and support for our business. August 27, 2013
"If some store owner really wants to increase leads for their store in no time then this is the extensions which you should consider. I will certainly use this extension on my webstore." - Reviewed by Waqar at January 16, 2013
"Since you can set game on your shop to collect new potential customers this is a must. It can have some better configuration options and more advanced integration with other Magestore apps but as stand alone is worth the money. Especially when numbers are rolling :)" - Review by Elvis at January 16, 2013
"It's very interesting the connection between game playing and shopping. Customers will often purchase when a game is involved." - Review by Scott / Posted on 9/25/12 at September 27, 2012
"I have looked for the module having the same function for a long time. Lucky draw is the best choice for me. Simple to use, it does exactly what it says it will and makes the whole process of running fortune game easy!! This component is EASY EASY EASY to use." - Review by Chemist / Posted on 9/11/12 at September 11, 2012
"I can hardly find any better extension for this kind if site. It can evolve a lot more and will because the support team is awesome. Congratulations" - Review by Revin / Posted on 9/11/12 at September 11, 2012
Thanks for developing this extension. This is one of the best i have ever used. Everything is so simple and very user friendly. I specially like the game "interface of this module"- Review by TrendFashion / Posted on 9/10/12 at September 11, 2012
"I just wanted to point out amp; say thanks for the wonderful amp; amazing support. They are one of the best I have ever seen, every time I contact them for support they solve my problems within few hours even on weekends they where there for me." - Review by Kenzzip / Posted on 9/10/12 at September 11, 2012
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