Advanced Inventory

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Stock Management in several warehouses and across all your sales outlets.
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Advanced Inventory

Manage your stocks in several warehouses and across all your sales outlets. Automatically assign each order to one inventory. Create different stock levels for each store view.

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  • Manage several stocks for different websites or store views
  • NEW ! Update all your stocks at once by using csv files and scheduled tasks
  • Display on your front-office the available stocks for each sales outlet
  • Automatically or manually assign each order to one warehouse
  • Automatically decrement/re-increment the stock levels from each warehouse
  • Allow pick-up at store as shipping method
  • Email notification for the warehouse owners
  • Manage your warehouses and sales oultets : address, location, hours...
  • Display on your front-office an advanced Google Map to help customers locate their nearest store.
  • Define your own delivery rules for each warehouse or store outlet by using country codes and/or zip codes in order to automatically assign each order to one store
  • Summarize the online stock and the local stocks in the product grid
  • Manage all your online and local stocks in the same grid
  • Disable/enable local stocks for each product
  • Update in one block of all your product stocks
  • Use the arrow keys to add/remove units
  • ...

Multi-stock management suite for Magento

Advanced Inventory is an extension for Magento that allows you to manage stocks of different points of sale or warehouses through Magento's backend.

Each order placed through your website can be automatically or manually assigned to a specific stock. Then you can follow in real time the stock level for each point of sale, the orders' assignations and anticipate if re-stocking is needed.

With Advanced Inventory, any kind of scenario is possible. The module is easily configurable thanks to several setting options that correspond to the great majority of inventory management real situation.

Advanced Inventory is composed of a suite of performing tools for a multi-stock management:

  • Pick Up At Store, which gives to your customers the possibility to come and pickup their order in a warehouse or in any other point of sale.
  • Nearby Store which allows you to display on your Magento's frontend a Google Map in order to help your customers to find the closest store.
  • Mass Stock Update, to update all your stocks in Magento in one go via a csv file.

Case Study for Advanced Inventory

Assignation rules allow you to define priorities for store views.

Imagine we have 3 store views (Great Britain, France and Germany) and 4 warehouses/points of sale (London, Paris, Strasbourg in the East of France and Berlin). These warehouses or points of sale are all represented here by orange flags.

We would like the warehouse of London to deliver to Great Britain, the one in Paris to France and the one in Berlin to Germany. We would like the warehouse of Strasbourg to deliver border regions, in other words Alsace (in France) and Bade Wurtemberg (in Germany).

In that case, we can define that for an order placed in Freiburg, the items will be sent from the warehouse of Strasbourg which is far closer than the one located in Berlin, and that even if the order is placed from the German store view.

From now, we defined that the warehouse of Strasbourg was visible for all groups of customers that are on the French and German store views (in the Store views selection and Customer groups selection tab).

Advanced Inventory allows us to be more specific in our configuration and so to define regions, geographical areas by using zip codes.

In our case, we would like the regions of Alsace and Bade-Wurtemberg to be delivered from the warehouse of Strasbourg, so we only need to define an assignation rule for the warehouse of Strasbourg: FR(67,68),DE(7*),which means to take into account all French zip codes starting with 67 and 68, as well as all German zip codes starting with 7.

For that, go to Catalog > Manage Stores and choose the store of Strasbourg. In the Order/Inventory assignation Rules tab, you can define our own assignation rule. (If that tab doesn't appear, it probably means you didn't configure your preferences to be able to use assignation rules, to know more go to <a href="#STEP_4:_Manage_your_preferences_">Step 4: Manage your preferences</a>).

We could also have defined a rule so that the warehouse of Paris delivers to all France except to Alsace and so that the warehouse of Berlin delivers to all Germany except to Bade-Wurtemberg.

We should have written FR-(67,68) for the warehouse of Paris and DE-(7*) for Berlin's one.

Advanced Inventory is an extension for Magento that can really be adapted to any kind of situation. For example, we can also define assignation rules according to customers groups. If we have a store view dedicated to retailers and another one to wholesalers, then we could have specified that such warehouse was for such customers' group.

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Release Notes

Public release

2012-03-10 14:42:09
  • Version number: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,
Public release

About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by Wyomind

Advanced Inventory 5 5 18 18
End of Chaos! We have started using this module because we have 2 different store locations and until now the sync between both was a pure horror. With this module we can see how many items are available in both stocks and we can update our order process from the main store. The support by Wyomind is great. We had a problem with 2 options and emailed the support. Within 15 minutes we got the answer and both problems are fixed. Thanks! June 3, 2013
Fantastic Module Wyomind clearly understands the complex needs of running a small online/offline business. This module allows us to manage our stock simply and easily. And the built-in flexibility let's us do it in the way we need to! We have been looking for along time for a module to do just that. It is so close to perfect for our situation that it could have been written just for us. Other modules that we tried - even though far more feature-rich - could not meet our needs. And the support is amazing! Installation - provided by Wyomind - went without a hitch. Small glitches were handled immediately. And every question answered instantly Highly recommended!. June 1, 2013
Great Extension - Helped Store owners a lot! Bought this extension together with Store Pickup. This extensions offers great functionality for Store Owners. Magent does not offer Pickup at Store functionality out of the box and this is great extension! Also the Multistore inventory functionality is great. Helping to organize the stock/warehouses. I have looked over several extensions but this is the one to go. April 11, 2013
Great extension, the possibility of making changes to the quantities for several products in a single table is spectacular. February 8, 2013
Just bought this extension and would thank the team behind Wyomind for the support. They fixed an issue caused by another extension free of charge. Can strongly recommend Wyomind. October 9, 2012
Great extensions and even better support through mail. Really useful for our business! July 25, 2012
I was looking for an extension to manage multi stock locations for a long time. This one met all our needs. It works really well and the support has been excellent. I can't recommend this enough. June 24, 2012
After looking far and wide for an adequate multi-stock management extension, we decided to use this one. See the analysis on my site: http://ma.juii.net/blog/multiple-stocks-in-magento And this one fits our needs nicely. Some alternative solutions have more features so far, but this extension provides all we need and has very decent "bang for the buck". It also has unique features not found in other solutions, notably the comfortable stock level modification using arrow keys, and the functionality of the Wyomind Local Stores extension for showing your local stores to the public in Google Maps. The extension is based on keeping the regular Magento stock level intact (called "online stocks") and syncing additional local stocks to it either manually or automatically. That was a bit confusing at first, but it enables you to distribute orders to your local shops also after the orders are placed. In addition, this way of implementing it seems also to minimize possible conflicts with other extensions (always something to care about when extensions have to overwrite Magento core functionality). There are some little bugs left in the current version (3.3.0), but I expect them to be gone over the next weeks. Also be sure to check the demo first or contact the developer to see if all features you need are there or will come. On that note, collaboration with the developer is just great: he's very open to suggestions and ideas, and turnaround time is fast. May 2, 2012
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Does this module allow for each warehouse to have it's own shipping origin for shipping cost calculations?
11 months ago
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Avatar Image Url:: http://www.magentocommerce.com/images/avatars/uploads/avatar_25808579
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This feature should be added in a next version.
11 months ago
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Avatar Image Url:: http://www.magentocommerce.com/images/avatars/uploads/avatar_26690550
Customer avatar
We have local stock and a stock related to a vendor.

So primary we will sell the products of our local stock but when it reaches 0 we want to use the vendor stock (with different shipping method/time).

Is this also possible with your module?
9 months ago
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Avatar Image Url:: http://www.magentocommerce.com/images/avatars/uploads/avatar_25808579
Customer avatar
It's possible to give the priority to one stock rather than one other. But the shipping methods can't be defined for each stock (anyway it's possible to enable/disable some method per storeview).
9 months ago
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Avatar Image Url:: http://www.magentocommerce.com/images/avatars/uploads/avatar_373475
Customer avatar
Does your plugin assigns inventory to custom options.

for example.

Product A has color, size, style

color (red, blue, yellow)
Size (medium, large)
style (male, female)

12 different options.

I will need to track inventory of

red, medum, male
red medium, female

blue medium male
blue medium female

and so forth

please let me knwo
3 months, 2 weeks ago
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