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Top rated Affiliate extension for Magento. Create affiliate program with 6 referring methods
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The First and Strongest Affiliate Extension for Magento

  • With Affiliate +, you have 6 ways for affiliates to refer a friend
  • 4 methods for store-owners to pay commission of Affiliate program
  • Affiliate + consists of a core extension and 11 integrated plugins. Easily choose and pay which plugin-feature needed for your affiliate marketing only
  • We have dedicated Supporters for Affiliate + extension and support is free for lifetime.
  • Affiliate extension for Magento - Standard Edition's features

    Setting commission, discount & payout requirement | Magento Affiliate Plus extension
    • Manage Commission, Discount & Payout Requirement of Affiliate Program
    • Besides choosing fixed or percentage commission type and preferred rate, our Affiliate extension for Magento lets you differentiate commission/ discount levels of the first order and following ones.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Setting commission & discount

      "Payout requirement" can be set at a specific amount for better affiliate tracking.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Setting payout requirement

      If you suspect your affiliates' reliability, you can choose to hold their commissions in a period of time.

      After an affiliate refers a friend, he can be entitled to the whole-life commissions from that friend’s transactions, although the friend can make next purchases through other affiliates.

    • Manage Accounts Signed Up for Affiliate Program
    • With Affiliate extension for Magento, you can easily add, remove, enable/ disable affiliate accounts and edit preferences as well as view information of each affiliate (programs, friends, transactions, payments).

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Edit account
    • Manage Banner & Link of Affiliate Program
    • You can upload banners (image/flash), create text links for others to share your affiliate program. The source code can be used to post in website, forum…

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Edit Banner
    • Refer Friends to Affiliate Program
    • Customers can share affiliate links through email or social channels to invite friends to your store. Affiliate extension for Magento enables them to write their own message and customize personal link for your affiliate program.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Refer Friends
    • Manage Transactions of Affiliate Program
    • You're able to monitor, review, filter transactions and access transaction information of each affiliate easily.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Manage Transactions
    • Manage Withdraws of Affiliate Program
    • You can comfortably configure and control withdrawals of accounts in your affiliate program. It is possible to add or subtract commission of an account balance

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | View Withdrawal
      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Withdrawal Configuration
    • Pay Per Sale Affiliate Program (PPS Affiliate Marketing)
    • When your products are purchased through affiliate referral links, they can get commission.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Pay per sale
    • PayPal mass pay feature for Affiliate Program
    • When an affiliate requests payment, you can use PayPal API with auto-process to make it more convenient and faster.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | PayPal mass pay

      Affiliate extension for Magento - Platinum Edition's Features ($229)

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Platinum Features
      Besides Standard features above, other Platinum functions below will improve your affiliate marketing even more.
    • Affiliate Program with Coupons(Affiliate Coupon Plugin)
    • Customers can refer a friend by creating and sending the coupon code of Affiliate Program. When their friends use this code to get discount on orders, referrals will get affiliate commissions.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Coupon Configuration
      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Coupon Code
    • Affiliate Program with Tier Commissions (Tier Commission Plugin)
    • First affiliate will refer a friend signing up to your affiliate program. When the second affiliate succeeds in selling a product, both him and the first affiliate can get commission. You can set the number of tiers, commission amounts and commission types for different tiers of affiliate.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Tier commission configuration.png
      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Tier Commission
    • Multi Affiliate Program (Multiple Program Plugin)
    • This plugin lets you create different affiliate programs with different commission rate, based on customers or product groups.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Manage Programs
    • Reports on Affiliate Program - Affiliate Tracking (Affiliate Report Plugin)
    • This feature enables you to track Affiliate Program statistics, including sales, clicks of affiliates, impression reports, best-seller product reports and affiliate accounts.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Report

      Affiliate extension for Magento - Advanced Edition's Features ($549)

      With the Advanced Edition of Affiliate extension for Magento, besides all Standard and Platinum features above, you can experience more functions as below:
    • Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program - PPL Affiliate Marketing (Pay Per Lead Plugin)
    • An affiliate will receive commission for the actual number of leads he generates, including new accounts sign up or newsletter subscribes.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Lead Detail
      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Lead Commissions
    • Pay Per Click Affiliate Program - PPC Affiliate Marketing (Pay Per Click plugin)
    • An affiliate can earn money based on the number of clicks to your website that he generates.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | PPC Commissions
    • Pay Per Mille Affiliate Program - PPM Affiliate Marketing (Pay Per Mille plugin)
    • With Pay Per Mille (PPM) plugin of Affiliate +, each affiliate can get commissions for thousand impressions of banner (text link, image, flash...) generated and view the number of views and also the corresponding commissions received.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Pay per mille
    • Advanced Banner for Affiliate Program (Advanced Banner plugin)
    • For better sharing your affiliate program, this plugin provides more different types of banner (Hover banner, Page Peel banner, Rotator banner). It's easy to customize banners and links to post on social channels.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Advanced Banner
    • Multiple Payment methods for Affiliate Program(Affiliate Payment Plugin)
    • Besides Paypal, you are supplemented 3 additional payment methods (Offline Payment and Bank Transfer Payment and Money Bookers) and recurring payment feature to pay for your affiliates.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Request Withdrawal
    • Direct Link of Affiliate Program (Direct Link plugin)
    • Affiliate Direct Link Tracking plugin allows customizing the normal affiliate link to be shorter and friendlier. Thus, it helps registering for a domain or web-page to show affiliate banners without any difficulties.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Add Direct Link
      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Direct Link Configuration
    • Dynamic Widgets for Affiliate Program (Affiliate Widget Plugin):
    • With Affiliate Widget plugin, referrals are enabled to locate affiliate widget boxes on their sites, which contain a list of your products.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Dynamic widget
    • Commission by Level Feature for Affiliate Program (Affiliate Commission by Level Plugin)
    • This plugin helps you encourage affiliates to increase sales by giving them additional commissions based on a certain sales or order amount.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Commission Level in frontend
      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Config commission level
    • Trash Feature for Affiliate Program (Affiliate Trash Plugin)
    • This feature allows you to delete or restore both affiliate transactions and withdrawals if you wish.

      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Delete/ Restore transactions
      Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Delete/ Restore withdrawals

    Demo of Affiliate extension for Magento

    Frontend Demo

    Sandbox Demo

    Sandbox Frontend

    Sandbox Backend

    Affiliate extension for Magento Detailed Page

    Release Notes

    Affiliate Program for Magento

    2010-05-21 14:49:59
    • Version number: 0.1.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6,,,, 1.10, 1.11

    Affiliate's major function is to check customer’s commission. Each client can become a referral and join one or more program. When a product belonging to the program is purchased, the referral will receive the commission. The system contains the modules as below: programs, banners, referrals, transactions, payments.


    <strong>Admin features

    • Managing programs and program banners, each program is applied for one or more categories
    • Managing referrals as a customer on system
    • Managing transactions and payments
    Frontend features
    • Signup to affiliate as create an account
    • Managing my affiliate account: programs, banners, transactions, payments and sales
    • Discounting for customer checkout products belong referrals
    • Transforming commission amount to referral when order is purchased

    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by magestore

    Affiliate 4.7 5 95 95
    Good extension Does what expected, and very helpful support! I recommend it! April 1, 2014
    Thank you Adam! I was struggling for a long time to install this extension(due to my own lack of skills) but when contacting support I got great and attentive care from Adam. Extension is now working just as it should :-) March 3, 2014
    This extension is very useful! I used this extension and feel satisfaction with the support of developer. February 27, 2014
    Lots of features to product but WOW! What great support! Looking at all the products available, this one has most (or all) the features we really needed. We did have some hiccups during install (never figured out why) and then some more during setup and going live (mostly related to custom site and errors in trying to do setup). But THE SUPPORT WAS EXCEPTIONALLY ATTENTIVE! While there is a minor downside with time zone issues, the amount of help/support/suggestions was incredible! Over the top great! January 27, 2014
    Not Awsome - Just Awful We bought Affiliate Basic, Plus and all available extensions. From the first day, we found many bugs. It was not possible to get a bug free version, by correcting some bugs, they made new or fall back to old bugs. Your customers and affiliate partners will stop working with you anymore. By installing this extension, you would get many errors in your logfile. After installing, you must not think about performance of your magento installation. Your site would acting like it is dead. One of the worst module available on magento - connect. January 22, 2014
    Stunning Good Customer Support! I am new in magento and people like me always need guide when facing issue at the backend of the system. Frankly to say, Adam is the one that truly show high commitment and customer focus when i having doubt on this extension. The response from him is Super Fast that you may surprise on how he can handle so many customer with so fast response. Well Done Adam! I would strongly recommend you all be rest assured to install this extension! January 8, 2014
    Affordable, reliable and great support This product is all you need to run affiliate program. With additional modules you can create ultimate sales machine for affiliates. So far we been satisfy with our decision to go with them. January 6, 2014
    be careful on live server We just start testing and extension seems to work but what we see so far we don't like these things below, please use as suggestion to improve quality of this extension: 1. separate module with 100+ functions and two different license checks just to validate license (magenotification)?!?! This is insane 2. overwrite magento/zend lib files with old versions 3. english errors so you need to change templates and translations (even if you use in english) 4. forgot source control files in all directories There must be better way to do this :) Magestore please tidy up and improve code quality of extension, then I give 4 or 5 stars and recommendation. December 26, 2013
    Great Team, Good Products, Awesome Support awesome support. Great team, great support. Overall a very good extension providers. December 24, 2013
    Nice Extension This extension is very good. But always tried to use latest version. Thanks To support team for excellent guide. December 16, 2013
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    0 answers

    First or last cookie

    Avatar Image Url::
    Customer avatar

    Does this cookie the first or last referral? Or does it offer the option to use either?

    11 months ago
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    Avatar Image Url::
    Customer avatar

    Where do you change the text:

    Welcome To Our Affiliate Program!

    Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate program is common throughout the Internet and offers website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliate generates traffic and sales for commercial website and in return receives a commission payment."

    Its not in admin, csv, template files
    11 months ago
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    Avatar Image Url::
    Customer avatar

    I have purchased this extension but I could not find anything related to affiliate. Is this included in this extension and if yes, where can I find in frontend and backend?

    Thank you.
    6 months ago
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    0 answers

    Enhanced Coupon Codes

    Avatar Image Url::
    Customer avatar
    I would like to have a campaign where users join by using a coupon and they are forced into the affiliates group. Then they would it be possible for a certain number of discount codes be emailed out to them? I'd like customisation on the email and notification of them joining.

    I'm happy to do any customisation myself I'd just like to know how possible it would be with your underlying structure. I'd also like the ability to send out more coupons from the admin interface.

    I assume that if these customers were all added like 'normal' affiliates I'd be be able to use the tracking abilities of the module to calculate monthly sales and commission etc.
    4 months, 1 week ago
    0out of 0found this question helpful.
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    Avatar Image Url::
    Customer avatar
    Hello Sir

    I have installed affiliate plus extension and Magento ver.

    An order came from an affilate and the invoice Grand Total does not match up with the Order Grand Total

    Please advise

    2 months, 4 weeks ago
    0out of 0found this question helpful.
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