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Proposed content RPF/solicitation for community members interested in potentially writing for us:

Do you have some hard-won Magento expertise and a passion for sharing your knowledge with others? We're looking for community members with Magento experience to write tutorials and articles for us. Tutorials and articles will appear online here in our Knowledge Base.

If your tutorial is accepted, you'll have a by-line for your tutorial on the Magento knowledge portal website and the opportunity to include a bio with a link to your site. Plus, you'll get the warm-fuzzy feeling that goes with helping someone else avoid some Magento pitfall you've overcome.

What We're Looking For

We only accept tutorials that match the site's standards for accuracy, content, clarity & just plain relevance to our community, so not all tutorials/articles can be accepted, but here's a sense of what we are looking for.

The new knowledgebase will be organized into the following overall categories:

  • Installation
  • Store Set Up
  • Store Management
  • Theming
  • Development
  • Mobile
  • Globalization
  • Documentation

In each of these areas, we are looking for extensive tutorials and/or screencasts of any of these types:

  • Overviews — How a specific concept in Magento works and relates to others
    • Theming basics — Understanding layouts, blocks, & templates
    • Overview of the Magento product model
    • How multiple stores work in Magento
    • Introducing widgets
    • PHP every Magento developer should know
    • MVC for Magento developers

  • Tutorials — How to do specific Magento-native tasks
    • Setting up your store
    • Creating a catalog (categories & products)
    • Using attributes to create custom product types
    • Importing/exporting your products
    • Working with content pages and content blocks
    • Setting up %-off and $-off promotions
    • How to translate your Magento website

  • Tutorials — How to do common customizations or extensions
    • Getting started changing the look and feel of the default theme
    • Using themes from MagentoConnect
    • How to remove the shopping tools you don't want — wishlist, compare, email a friend, buy now buttons
    • Creating your first Magento extension
    • How to integrate WordPress with your Magento store
    • Installing a new widget
    • How to write an ERP extension for your store

  • Top N lists or roundups
    • 7 steps not to forget when setting up a Magento store
    • Top 10 CSS tricks for Magento templates
    • Best practices when creating Magento extensions
    • Some cool must-have Magento extensions

  • eCommerce & Magento best practices
    • Promotion types that deliver
    • Social media and online sales
    • Top techniques for improving conversion
    • Is 2010 finally the year of m-commerce?
    • SEO to-dos for your Magento store

Each of these sections will contain tutorial and educational content directed at each of our major audiences:

  • Business users
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • All users
Each tutorial or other article should clearly indicate which user audience it is intended for.

We are also looking for brief quick tips & FAQs. We will not by paying for these, but the submitter will receive attribution and a link to their bio/profile.

What to Submit

Our primary goal is to provide high-quality, up-to-date information to the Magento community on using Magento in order to help new users avoid pitfalls and get up to speed more quickly and to help current users really leverage and customize the platform for their businesses. If this sounds like something you want to do too, consider writing for us.

Here's what we need to get started:
  • Send us an e-mail with a brief description of yourself, your Magento experience and other relevant skills, and your field(s) of interest
  • If possible, include URLs to some articles or examples of your writing. If you're an active participant in the Magento community, please include your member name
  • Include some suggestions for topics and articles you'd be interested in exploring and writing about

Next steps will be that we'll ask you to submit an outline of one or several of your tutorial/article idea and tentative timelines for producing them and we can agree together on a price.

Tutorial/Article Guidelines

All tutorials should be written for the latest stable version of Magento Community or Enterprise (links and access to demo sites for each can be provided), but will only allow for frontend and backend access, not FTP access to the files for theming and development.

A tutorial should be complete and should not leave the user in an unstable or unfinished state if they follow along (even tutorials that are proposed as a series should leave the user at a stable point at the end of each tutorial in the sequence).

You must also meet the following criteria:

  • Your tutorial must be your original work and not published elsewhere. If we learn that the tutorial or source images used in the tutorial have been plagiarized we will take the tutorial off the site and payment will not be made.
  • We are still developing our formatting guidelines so we will be flexible with early submissions. Minimally, tutorials should be written and formatted as a clearly defined set of steps or concepts. Code snippets and screenshots should be included with most, if not each, step. Images should be less than 600 px wide. Screencasts should be recorded at a resolution of 1024x768 or higher and must indicate at the beginning that they were made exclusively for Magento.
  • Please note: Your tutorial will be edited prior to publishing. Extensive edits will be sent back to the author to address. Grammatical and punctuation issues will be handled by the Magento editors.

If the tutorial is accepted:
  • The author can use tutorial graphics in any commercial or non-commercial work, except in an online tutorial. Source files cannot be resold or redistributed.
  • You grant a license to readers to use the knowledge and demonstrated effects shown in the tutorial in their own projects without reference to yourself, Magento or this site. They may not reproduce the tutorial itself, but they can use the techniques you teach.
  • You grant a license to Magento to be the exclusive publisher of the tutorial online. You may republish extracts online — for example on your own site — however the tutorial in its entirety should not appear elsewhere. You may also republish the tutorial offline in any way you wish — e.g. sell it to a magazine, submit it to a book.
  • You consent to the full tutorial, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing in other Magento sites, products and services.


  • The tutorials (text/images) on the Magento knowledge portal are the copyright of their respective authors. You may use the techniques demonstrated in these tutorials in your own work — commercial or non-commercial. You may use these without attribution unless otherwise stated in the tutorial.
  • The outcome of tutorials may not be used for resale or redistribution. For example, if you have followed a tutorial to produce an extension, you may not start selling that code as a commercial extension component.
  • You may not reproduce in full or large part, the tutorials on this site, without written permission from the tutorial author and Magento.
  • If you have any queries about the usage of images, code or content on Magento, please contact us.

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