What Is A Node?

A node is simply a reference object that allows you to “select” a group of related pieces of content. It provides an intuitive method for organizing your content pages.

A node is used solely as folders to group child nodes and/or pages within the Page Hierarchy. Nodes cannot be viewed in the front-end of your web store. If a customer visits a node in the front-end, they will automatically be redirected to the first page under that node. Pages can be viewed in the front-end, but they can also be used as folders to group child nodes or pages.

Hierarchy can also be managed on the CMS pages themselves. To do so, select a page and click the Hierarchy tab in the left column. The hierarchy tree will display with a check box next to each node and page. You can associate this CMS page to multiple nodes or pages.

Learn more about Adding and Managing Nodes in Page Hierarchy.


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