What are Catalog Price Rules and how do I use them?

There are 2 types of price rules in Magento, Catalog and Shopping Cart Price Rules. Catalog Rules are enacted on products before they are added to the cart, while Shopping Cart Price Rules are applied in the shopping cart. Here we will look at how to set up Catalog Price Rules.

To create a Catalog Price Rule go to Promotions -> Catalog Price Rules and select Add New Rule.


The first thing to do is enter a Name and Description for the catalog price rule. Once that is set up we will Enable it by selecting Active from the Status dropdown.

You then select which Websites to apply the rule to. In this case we will enact the rule for all Websites.

You are then able to select which Customer Groups you want the rule to apply to. The first option is Not Logged In, those customers who are not signed in to any account, and therefore not assigned to a customer group. In this case we will also offer the discount to the General and Retailer customer groups.

We are also setting a date range for the Rule to take effect. If you leave the date range empty the rule will be enabled as soon as it is created.

You will also set the priority on this page. The priority is there in case a product has two separate Catalog Price Rules. Whichever has the priority (1 being the most priority) will take effect. We will discuss priority after creating another rule.

Once you have set up the information for the product you create the conditions for the Rule. In this case we are going to discount every Sony product which is $100 or more by 15%.

Now here is how we do it:

If you are going to create a rule which requires 2 conditions (as we are doing here, the product must be in apparel and the price must be over $50) select ‘If All these Conditions are True’. If we wanted the discount to take effect if the product was a Sony product OR if the product was over $50 we would select ‘Any’.

Select Product Attribute from the dropdown (we will get to conditions combination in a bit) and select the Default Category from the list of attributes. We then want the middle rule to be is and we then enter the name of the manufacturer in the field, giving us this:


So the rule will now apply to all products whose manufacturer is Sony; but we want to further limit this to only those products which are $100 and over. Open a new Condition and select Product Attribute. From the attribute list select Price, and then select ‘equals or greater than’ from the condition dropdown. We then enter the value, 100.00, and we have our second condition created.


Now that we have the Conditions set we need to create the Actions.


The Apply dropdown allows you to decide whether the discount is a percentage or a fixed amount, and whether the discount amount will be subtracted from the original price (By) or whether the discount amount will be the actual final price (To). For this case select select By Percentage of the original price and we then enter our value, 15. This will give a final price that is a 15% reduction of the original price. To select To Percentage of the original price would give a final price that is equal to 15% of the original price (an 85% reduction). The last thing to do is decide whether we want to stop other rules from taking effect on the products we have selected. In this case we will select Yes. Now, remember the priority we entered on the last page? This is what decides which rules are applied first.

In this case we entered the priority as 1. Say we had another rule, $5 off all products, which had a priority of 2. If we had selected No on the Stop Further Rules Processing dropdown that $5 discount would take effect on the already 15% discounted price. Since we select yes the $5 discount will still apply to other products, but not Sony products equal or great than $100.

Now we select Save Rule and the rule is created. What’s that Save Rule and Apply button you ask? Well, I’m glad you did.

You may also notice that there is a Apply Rules button on the list of Catalog Price Rules. For the rule to change the price of the items selected you will either need to select Save Rule and Apply, or the Apply Rules button on the list of Catalog Price Rules. The reasoning behind this is that as you add new rules, the system must recalculate the prices and the priorities of the rules. The rules are applied each night automatically, but if you do want to immediately apply a new rule you must select one of the Apply buttons. Now the Sony Products equal or greater than $100 are discounted by 15%.

Now on to some increased functionality. I promised I would talk about Condition Combinations and I will do so here.

Let’s switch examples to discounting apparel. White is the new color and you have an overstock of all your Red and Black clothing. You want to discount it, but don’t want to go through and create 2 different rules. Here is where Condition Combinations shine.

We start our first line with All the Conditions being True.

Now when we go to set up our first condition we select Conditions Combination from the dropdown. We then need to set up the conditions below as being Any, since we are going to discount products which are either Black or Red.

At this point the Conditions look like this:


Now we set up the other option, if the Color is Red and we have this:


Now that we have set up our Condition for the colors we move back to the first level of conditions and select the price as being equal to or greater than $20.00 and we see this:


Now we need all the conditions to be true. The price must be equal to or greater than $20 and the color must be either Black or Red.  Apply your actions as described above, Save and Apply the Rule and that overstock will be moving out of the warehouse in no time.

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