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Magento enables you to view the total amount of tax collected for orders during a time period that you specify using a type of sales report referred to as the Order Taxes Report Grouped by Tax Rate. This report displays the tax amounts, grouped by tax rates, for sales orders during the specified time period.*

The report is displayed on your screen. You can also export the report data into either CSV or Excel XML format, for use in other applications.

Step 1: Getting Started

To run sales reports:

  1. From the Admin panel, select Reports > Sales > Tax.
    The following message is displayed at the top of the page to indicate that you should update statistics:

    The message indicates that you should update the statistics if your system time zone changed.
  2. To refresh all statistics, click the word here in the message. To refresh statistics for specific reports, click the word statistics.
    Then, on the Refresh Statistics page, select the report or reports for which you want to refresh statistics.
    Tip: If you have a lot of data to refresh, you can limit the number of reports to refresh at one time so that your results are returned faster.
  3. The report displays the following set of options.

  4. More information about these options is discussed in the sections that follow.

Step 2: Select Websites for the Report

You can run a report for one website or for all websites.

To choose a website, from the Show Report For list, click the name of the website for which you want to view the report. A sample follows.

Step 3: Select Report Options

The following table describes the available options for reports.

Report option Description
Match Period To

Select the criteria on which report data matches:

  • Order Created Date: This option displays all orders that were submitted during the selected time period. (Default)
  • Order Updated Date: This option displays only those orders that were updated (invoiced, captured, etc.) during the selected time period.

Choose how to aggregate report data. Report data is displayed as one row per the following time period options:

  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
From (Required) Enter or select a beginning date for the report.
To (Required) Enter or select an ending date for the report.
Order Status

Click Any to display results for any order status, or click Selected to narrow the report results to one or more status types you select.

(Tip: To display results for more than one order status type, hold down the Control key while clicking.)

Empty Rows Specify whether or not to display empty rows in the report.

Step 4: View or Export the Report

You can view the report on-screen or you can export it in comma-separated value (.csv) or Excel XML formats.

  1. To display the report on-screen, click Show Report (at the top right of the page).
  2. To export the report, at the bottom of the page, click one of the following from the Export to list:
    • CSV to export to comma-separated value list, which you can import into a variety of applications, such as Microsoft Excel and others.
    • Excel XML to export to an XML format that can be used in Microsoft Excel.
    • Click Export.

The following figure shows an on-screen report with the following settings:

  • Show Report For: All websites
  • Match Period To: Order Created Date
  • Period: Month (the line items show totals grouped by month)
  • From: 1/1/12
  • To: 12/31/12
  • Order Status: Any
  • Empty Rows: Yes (note the empty row shown for 12/2012)

The following table describes the report columns for both on-screen and exported reports.

Report option Description
Period The tax amount information for each time period that you specified, grouped by tax rate.
Tax The name of each tax rate, grouped by tax rate within the specified time period.
Rate The percentage tax rate (grouped).
Number of Orders The number of orders that include tax for the specified time period.
Tax Amount

Total sales order tax, which does not include tax for canceled orders.

Note: The tax amounts shown in each line item of the report are calculated by summing the tax amounts collected on orders at the noted tax rate during that period. The taxes for individual orders are calculated according to your tax configuration settings.

The Subtotal rows show subtotals, per period, when there is more than one tax rate that applies to the period chosen.

The Total row at the bottom of the report shows the total number of orders for the specified time period, as well as the total collected tax for that period.

How to Manage Sales Reports in Magento CE and EE

For more information about other sales reports in Magento, see How to Manage Sales Reports in Magento CE and EE.

* The tax calculator provides approximate values based on the parameters you enter. Other parameters that have not been taken into account may have a considerable influence on the tax burden. No guarantee is offered in respect of any of the information given here. We advise you to contact an expert before you take any decisions about tax matters.


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