Tutorial: Replacing the Logo Image in Transactional Emails

Many of the issues we receive at the support team have to do with customization and personalization of a deployed instance. Here’s a quick tip on customizing customer facing emails which can help make you look more professional. One of the many things to personalize for your store will be changing the logo in transactional emails. Out-of-the-box Magento uses its own demo logo as the image in these transactional emails, stored under the file name logo_email.gif. This can be easily replaced by uploading your logo image in your theme skin directory and give your emails a personal and professional touch.

One important thing to note is that in the root directory, Magento has two main directories for the overall store theme, the /app and /skin directories.  The /app directory contains the layout, translations for labels and terms, and templates. On the other hand, the /skin directory contains the graphical elements which are images, style sheets (CSS), and JavaScript for the blocks.

In this article, we will be using the default Magento theme. Therefore, the images we will be using will be located in the directory /skin/frontend/default/default/images. The image below shows the default logo image in the transactional email.


To replace the logo image, upload the new logo image into the images directory and rename the file as logo_email.gif, overwriting the existing image. Also, and very importantly, to ensure that the new image will show up in the transactional emails, the permissions need to be changed so that it includes read and write permissions.


Voila! That’s all we had to do we’ve changed the logo image--a very small and simple, yet very nice touch.

Author Bio: This post is part of a series by the Magento Enterprise Edition subscription support team covering tips, tricks and hints to some of the most common, and uncommon, issues as submitted by support customers

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