Tutorial: Multiple Websites - Importing Catalog with Different Prices and Currencies

Among the great features that Magento includes out-of-the-box, it’s known that dataflow will auto-convert the products prices to the used currencies on multiple websites installs for different geographic audiences that shares the same catalog.

On this post however we will be showing an alternative to import your catalog if the pricing for the different websites should not be the converted but actually have its own price expressed on the the desired currency.

As preparation we always recommend to first manually create one product under the each website level with all the values that you need on the profiler to display under columns (if CSV will be used) or Cells (if XML).

Once the products were entered the next part will be creating the export profile specific for each website in which you will find all the columns/cells needed for pricing.

Once done run the export profile to get the sample file and enter your products including the prices in numeric values as they should be expressed in the currency for the website.


At the moment of importing make sure you have an import profile for the website that you will be updating and follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Place the site temporarily unavailable for public access
  2. On System>Configuration under the proper website scope change the Base Currency to US Dollars
  3. Run the Import profile with the file that you have created
  4. Once finished change the website Base currency back to the website original currency
  5. Refresh the catalog rewrites, layered navigation indices etc in System>Cache management
  6. Restore the site for public access

By following the instructions described above you should now be able to create and update your products with custom product pricing on different currencies.

Author Bio: This post is part of a series by the Magento Enterprise Edition subscription support team covering tips, tricks and hints to some of the most common, and uncommon, issues as submitted by support customers

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