Tutorial: Changing the Magento ‘Favicon’

In a previous article, we covered customizing the logo in our customer facing transactional emails to reflect our own company’s logo to give our Magento shop a more professional look. This time, we are going to customize the “favicon” - short term for “favorites icon”, that is associated with your website and appears in the browser address bar and favorites menu.  A favicon is a 16x16 pixel icon in no more than 16 colors.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the current favicon is shown as displayed on a Firefox browser.


We’ll want to update the standard Magento favicon image and replace it with this one image, a slight variation. 

If you’re using a default theme, the new favicon.ico needs to be uploaded into the /skin/frontend/default/default/favicon.ico directory.

For custom themes, the favicon should go into the /skin/frontend/default/CUSTOM_THEME/favicon.ico directory instead.

That was simple and we have successfully updated our favicon!  To view it we need to clear the browser cookies and cache and hit refresh.



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