Turning Off the Free Shipping Message in the Header

Many of the starting themes include a FREE SHIPPING banner in the header area. If your starting theme does not include this banner, you can skip this section. Where it’s included, the FREE SHIPPING banner is included as a placeholder and as an example of how you can use that header space to display messages to your customers. For most stores, though, you’ll want to turn that off and then later fill it with a message appropriate to your customers and the promotions you’re running.

That FREE SHIPPING message isn’t really part of the theme, it’s actually part of the content management system for your Magento Go web store. So, let’s turn it off without removing it, so that you can fill it with something else later if you ever want.

To Edit the “Static Blocks” for your web store

  1. In the Admin Panel, go to the CMS menu and select the Static Blocks option. image
  2. In Magento Go, static blocks are just a way to allow you to create pieces of content (text, html, images, or any combination) that can be placed throughout your website. Because the contents of these static blocks is defined in the CMS and not hard-coded into the theme, it means you can easily change this any time once the web store is live.

  3. The static block that contains the FREE SHIPPING message is titled “Top Callout” with and ID of “header_callout.” Select it from the list. Click on its respective row. image
  4. You’ll see the Static Block Editor that contains basic information about the static block as well as the actual contents of the block in the “Content” field.
  5. To turn off this block without deleting it, set the Status field to Disabled.
  6. Click on the [Save Block] button in the upper right to save your changes.

To Preview your changes

  1. In the Admin Panel, selec Design > Theme Editor
  2. Click the [Preview] button for your theme. The FREE SHIPPING message in the header area is now turned off. image

TIP: Once your store is live and you are running promotions or have other news you want to share with all of your site visitors, you can use the same static block and enter your content in the “Content” field. When you “Enable” the static block, your new content will show up again here in the header space.


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