Tip: Applying a Promotion to Multiple SKUs

Every business we’ve worked with does promotions slightly differently to meet the needs of their business. Our support team receives assistance requests all the time on how to best configure shopping cart price rules according to their unique business needs. In this post we’ll show you a tip that to avoid one of the most common sources of problems with shopping cart price rules.


A very common shopping cart price rule scenario involves applying a discount only to certain products using the SKU as the condition for the shopping cart price rule. An example of what many users attempt to use is shown in the image below:


While the configuration above looks like it should work it doesn’t.  Here’s why.


The solution to this common issue is thankfully pretty simple. It might not be immediately obvious, but the proper Condition Selection when multiple SKUs could trigger the discount should not be SKU ’is‘.  The condition ‘is‘ is meant for single value selections and selecting multiple values for it will not trigger the discount.

The proper selection should be ’is one of‘ as is shown in the following image which will enable the discount to work.


The Conditions Selection ’is one of‘ for multiple selections is not only applicable for SKU as the Condition when creating Shopping Cart Rules, but also applies to Categories selection or any other attribute if the Condition will include multiple values.

We hope you found this tip handy and over the next weeks we will be sharing more best practices, advice and solutions to issues that the Support team has provided to our support subscribers.

Author Bio: This post is part of a series by the Magento Enterprise Edition subscription support team covering tips, tricks and hints to some of the most common, and uncommon, issues as submitted by support customers.

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