Terms and Conditions

If you want customers in your Magento Go store to acknowledge special terms or conditions before purchasing products, you can enable a Terms and Conditions checkbox that they must check before completing checkout. The Terms and Conditions message and checkbox is positioned between the Totals section and the Place Order button, and appears during Order Review. The transaction cannot be finalized unless the customer agrees to the conditions of the sale by selecting the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

Setting up Terms and Conditions for your Magento Go store is a two-step process. First, you must enable Terms and Conditions to appear during checkout, and then you must describe the terms and conditions of the sale.

Step 1: Enable Terms and Conditions

  1. From the Admin panel, select System > Configuration.
  2. From the Configuration panel on the left, under Sales, select the Checkout tab.
  3. If necessary, click to expand the Checkout Options section. Terms and Conditions Checkout Options
  4. Make sure that Enable Onepage Checkout is set to Yes.

    Note: To enable Terms and Conditions, Onepage Checkout must be enabled. If Onepage Checkout is disabled, the Terms and Conditions will not appear during checkout.

  5. To display a checkbox that describes your store's terms and conditions during checkout, set Enable Terms and Conditions to Yes.
  6. Click the Save Config button.

Step 2: Describe the Terms and Conditions of the Sale

  1. From the Admin panel, select Sales > Terms and Conditions.
  2. To add new terms and conditions, click the Add New button. Terms and Conditions During Checkout
  3. Complete the following information:
    1. Enter a Condition Name for this condition.
    2. To make your Terms and Conditions checkbox appear during customer checkout, set Status to Enabled.
    3. Select whether you want your Terms and Conditions Document to appear as Text or HTML. If you want to use bold or underline or other formatting in the document, you can use HTML tags to achieve that formatting. To use HTML tags, set Show Content as to HTML.
  4. Identify the Store View where the Terms and Conditions will appear.
  5. Enter the Checkbox Text that you want to appear with the checkbox. For example, you could use "I understand and accept these terms and conditions" or "Accept" or whatever specific terms and conditions you want your customers to acknowledge.
  6. In the Content field, enter text to describe the terms and conditions of the sale.
  7. Optional: You can set Content Height (css) in pixels to determine the height of the text box that contains the terms and conditions content. For example, if you want the text box to be one inch high, enter the equivalent value in pixels.
  8. When finished, click the Save Condition button.

For more information about this topic, see Configuration: Sales - Checkout.


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