Setting Up Table Rate Shipping

The table rate shipping method lets you calculate shipping rates for a combination of conditions using data that you can edit. The shipping rate can be based on the following calculations:

  • Weight v. Destination
  • Price v. Destination
  • # of Items v. Destination

For example, if your warehouse is located in Los Angeles, it costs less to ship to San Diego than to Vermont. You can use table rate shipping to pass the savings on to your customer.

Only one set of table rate data can be active at any time. The data that is used to calculate the rate is prepared in a spreadsheet and imported into your store. When the customer requests a quote, the results appear in the Estimate Shipping and Tax section of the shopping cart.

Table Rates in Shopping Cart
Table Rates in Shopping Cart

    Step 1: Complete the Default Settings

    Step 2: Prepare the Data

    Step 3: Import the Data into Your Store

Price v. Destination Example

This example uses the Price v. Destination condition to create a set of three different shipping rates based on the amount of the order subtotal for the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard that represents all values.

CountryRegion/StateZIP/Postal CodeOrder Subtotal
(and above)
Shipping Price


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