Setting Up PayPal Express Checkout

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image Choosing Express Checkout allows you to add the familiar PayPal button to your website, which according to a recent survey, can increase sales up to 26%.* PayPal Express Checkout gives you the ability to accept payment by either credit card or from the PayPal account of your customer. If you already accept credit cards online, you can offer Express Checkout as an additional option to attract new customers who prefer to pay with PayPal.

During checkout, the customer is redirected to the secure PayPal site to complete the payment information. The customer is then returned to your store to complete the remainder of the checkout process. Customers with current PayPal accounts can make a purchase in a single step, by clicking the “Check out with PayPal” button. Express Checkout can be added as a standalone, or added to an existing PayPal solution.

You can have two PayPal solutions active at the same time: PayPal Express Checkout, plus any All-In-One solution. If you enable a different solution, the one you used previously will be automatically deactivated.

     Step 1: Complete the Required Settings

     Step 2: Complete the Basic Settings

     Step 3: Complete the Advanced Settings

* Survey conducted by Northstar Research Partners, Q2 2011. Based on retailer-level data for 19 UK SMB retailers, representing 3,411 PayPal users. 26% of buyers surveyed said they would not have made the purchase if PayPal had not been offered as a payment method.

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