Set Shopping Cart Price Rule Conditions

Once you have setup the general information for the price rule, you must create the conditions that specify when the rule is triggered.

To define catalog price rule conditions:

  1. Select the Conditions option in the panel on the left to display the following page:
  2. The first rule appears by default: If All these Conditions are TRUE. It specifies whether the rules that you define must all be met and all of them are true.
  3. Click on the (image) icon to display a selection field. Condition options available are: Product attribute combination; Products subselection; and Cart Attributes.

    NOTE To add a Product Attribute to these conditions, you must select Yes for Use for Promo Rules Conditions in the attribute’s Frontend Properties. See Creating and Managing Attributes & Attribute Sets for more details.

  4. Each selected Attribute will offer the option to apply different combination conditional limits such as: is, is not, greater than, less than, contains, does not contain, is one of, is not of one of, and many more.
  5. You can further combine more product attribute conditions by selecting Conditions Combinations and applying steps 3 - 4.
  6. Save this selection of products by clicking the Apply icon.

    TIP Leave Conditions blank to apply to all products.


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