Payment Gateways: WorldPay

It is recommended that you test the WorldPay payment gateway in the sandbox mode, or test mode, before enabling the payment gateway in your store. To request your own test account, complete the application online. The information for your test account and merchant account will be sent to you by email.

For field descriptions, see: Configuration: Payments Gateways - Worldpay

To set up WorldPay for your store:

  1. From the Admin panel of Magento Go, select System > Configuration > Payment Methods.
  2. In the Configuration panel on the left, under Sales, select Payment Methods. Click to expand the WorldPay section, and do the following:
    1. Set Enabled to "Yes."
    2. In the Title field, enter the name for this payment method. This name will be visible to customers during checkout. The default title is "WorldPay."
    3. Set Payment Action to one of the following:
      • Authorize Only: The payment is authorized by WorldPay but not captured until you generate the invoice for the order in Magento Go.
      • Authorize and Capture: A payment is authorized and captured on Worldpay’s site, and the backend of your Magento Go store generates an order and an invoice.
    4. Enter the following information from your WorldPay merchant account:
      • Account Type (Business or Corporate)
      • Installation ID (for Business type accounts only)
      • Merchant Code
      • XML Password
    5. Set Credit Card Verification to one of the following:
      • Yes: (Default) Requires credit card verification for payments made by credit card during checkout and also when orders are placed from the Admin panel.
      • No: Does not require credit card verification for payments made by credit card.
      • Note: Credit card verification is not available for the Maestro credit card.

    6. In the Credit Card Types list, select each credit card that can be used with this payment method. Accepted credit cards include:
      • American Express
      • Visa
      • Master Card
      • Discover
      • JCB
      • Diners Club
      • Maestro
    7. In the Payment from Applicable Countries field, select the countries where you want this payment method to be available.

      Note: You can define which countries are listed in the default list by modifying the Allowed Countries field in System > Configuration > General > Countries Options.

      • All Allowed Countries: Customers from all countries in the default countries list can use this payment method.
      • Specific Countries: Customers from only those countries selected in the Payment from Specific Countries list (which appears when you select this option) can use this payment method.

        Note: If you select “Specific Countries,” the Payment from Specific Countries field becomes available. Select the countries from which you want to allow payment from that list.

    8. Set 3D Secure Card Validation on Frontend to “Yes” to provide an additional level of fraud protection.

      Note: Make sure to approve and enable 3D Secure in your Worldpay account before enabling 3D Secure for your store. 3D Secure should not be enabled in test mode, or transactions will fail. When 3D Secure is enabled, WorldPay is not available for orders placed from the Admin panel.

    9. (Optional) Enter a Transaction ID prefix. If you do this, it is recommended that you assign the Transaction ID prefix once only and avoid changing it in the future.
    10. Set Test Mode to “Yes” or “No.” You can test the WorldPay service in test mode.
    11. (Optional) To set the position of WorldPay in the list of payment methods that is displayed during checkout, enter a numeric value in the Sort Order field. Enter 0 for the top of the sort order list, 1 for the second highest in the list, and so on.
  3. When complete, click the Save Config button to save the settings.


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