Moving a Built-In Block

The order of built-in blocks within a column can be changed by using the Layout Editor to drag it from one location to another. However, you cannot drag the block from one column to another.

To move a built-in block:

  1. From the Layout Editor, navigate to the page where you want to move the block.
    When the Highlight Draggable Blocks checkbox is selected, each block is outlined in red.
  2. To rearrange the blocks in the column, simply drag a block from one place to another.
  3. To lock a block in place, click the padlock icon in the lower-right corner of the block. The block turns gray to indicate that it is locked.
  4. To save the changes, click the Apply Changes button.
  5. When prompted to refresh the search index, select Catalog > Search Index, and click the Refresh Index button.
Dragging a Block
Dragging a Block


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