Launch Your Store

After you have successfully logged into your store’s Admin panel, you can begin your basic store setup by clicking the orange bar located at the top of your Admin panel titled Start My Store.

The following step-by-step guide takes you through each step to set up the basic requirements of your Magento Go store.

NOTE: When a step is complete, you will see an icon with a check mark in a circle. If the step is incomplete, you will see an icon with an empty circle

Setting Your Language Preference

Magento Go supports merchants and consumers around the world. From selling in multiple languages to handling tax rules from different countries to working in your own language in the control panel, Magento Go provides the flexibility to meet your needs.

By default, English (United States) is the primary language set in Magento Go.

To change the language settings, select a primary language in the drop-down menu and then click the Submit button to update your store’s language settings.

Setting Store Contact Information

Introduce customers to your brand. Provide customers with easy ways to contact you, to view and track orders, and to register for newsletters. Get started by letting your customers know who they are buying from and how to reach you.

To set store contact information:

  1. Select Set Store Contact Information. A dialog box opens that enables you to enter all of your store’s contact information:
  • Enter your store name: Your store’s name will be set as a variable.
  • Enter your store contact email: Enter the primary store’s contact email. Submitted contact form information will be emailed here.
  • Address: Fill in your store’s physical (mailing) address.
  • Enter your store phone number: Your store’s phone number will be displayed only if supported by your theme’s design.
  • Click the Submit button to update your store’s contact settings.
  • Designing Your Store

    Magento Go enables you to create compelling and professional stores that engage your customers, regardless of your design skills. Start from one of the professionally designed, built-in themes, then add your store’s logo and tailor the theme to make it your own. Change fonts and colors, move elements on the page with the drag and drop editor, and change your site’s inline text.

    As a store owner, you also have control over all aspects of your design, by having direct access to the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) editor of your site.

    • Select & Customize Your Design This section directs you to the Magento Go Theme Editor, where you can customize, preview and apply different themes from the built-in theme library.
    • Select Your Store Logo In this section, you can upload your store logo to be used for all transactional emails. You can also upload a favicon in order to showcase your company logo graphically in all your store’s pages in a browser’s title bar.

    Magento Go supports the following file types for your store’s logo and favicon.

    • Transactional Email Store Logo - File types supported: jpeg, gif, png
    • Favicon - File types supported: ico, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, apng, svg

    NOTE: Not all browsers support all of these file types.

    Selecting Your Plan

    As your business grows, Magento Go can grow with you. With a wide range of configurable features and a variety of plans to meet your needs as the size of your business grows, Magento Go provides the ideal way to launch your business online.

    Configuring Your Products

    You have unmatched flexibility in how you sell your products with Magento Go. Create custom attributes that match your needs. Group your products into bundles. Help customers find your products with powerful search engine optimization (SEO) options. Enable customers to easily filter and search to find the products they are looking for. Highlight your products with multiple images, special offers, and promotional banners. Magento Go provides the power you need to succeed online.

    This section provides a quick overview of how to create a new product or import your existing products:

    Create New Products: This option allows you to add new or edited products or customers to your store’s database.

    Import Your Existing Products: You can import a new or existing product list. To learn more about importing products, see Importing Product or Customer Information.

    Configuring Payments

    Accepting payments through your online store is a core pre-launch task. Magento Go lets you accept credit cards and alternative payments directly on your store though trusted partners such as PayPal. Our payments systems are safe for your customers and provide you with the security and PCI compliance you need to confidently sell online.

    Set up PayPal: This option enables you to add new or edited products or customers.

    Sign up for PayPal Express Checkout: This is the simplest PayPal setup; select this option and click Submit to be directed to a PayPal page where you can register for a PayPal account.

    Accept credit card payments directly on your site: Choose this option if you want to accept credit card payments directly on your site; click Submit to be directed to the payment settings page.

    Set up Other Payment Options: There are a number of different Payment Options for use with Magento Go, including methods to accept credit cards directly on your site. All of these options require you to create an account with the payment provider and then configure your store to work with your account. When you are ready to configure your store, click Continue to set up your payment options.

    Set Tax Calculation: To get your store ready to accept orders, set up the tax rates that are appropriate for your business. Tax rates can be set down to a ZIP or postal code level to allow for city and county variations in rates.

    After you have created your tax rates, specify how the tax rates apply using a tax rule. A tax rule defines what rates to use and when.

    You can create multiple tax rates and tax rules that can be applied to different types of products or to different customers, if necessary. To get started, you should set up at least one tax rate and at least one tax rule.

    Configuring Shipping Options

    Magento Go provides you all the tools you need to manage your online business. You can provide your customers accurate shipping rates, keep them informed with email notifications, and process orders you take over the phone. From first taking the order to processing payments to shipping, you have control.

    Launching Your Store

    When you are ready to launch your store, remove the demo store notice. You’re open for business!


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