Integrating MailChimp with Magento

Recently we conducted a survey on the topic of email marketing and how to make Magento do more for our users.  We had over thousands of responses and the results showed that MailChimp was the most popular choice.  Users told us that MailChimp works well for Magento because it allows Magento Merchants to really measure the ROI of email campaigns.  Through a plug-in to Magento they track when people click from merchant email campaigns, visit the website, and hopefully purchase. All of this information is then gathered and displayed on a merchant’s MailChimp campaign report.  The Magento:Mailchimp email extension is available free of charge here.

How Does It Work?
Once the extension is installed, MailChimp will automatically add some tags to links the merchant includes in the campaigns sent. Those tags will be picked up by a plugin installed in the merchant’s Magento store.  The extension will track users who have followed the links in merchant email campaigns. When a user completes a purchase, the plugin will quietly send the basic details of the order - products ordered, product categories, and shipping, tax, and order totals - back to MailChimp via an API call. That data will then be available on the merchant Campaign Reports page and eventually during segmentation when creating new campaigns, too.  We here at Magento think this is a pretty effective way to improve the results of merchant email campaigns.

You can find out more here.

Watch it in Action
Watch the video for information on how MailChimp integrates with Magento and some pretty cool features that MailChimp offers.