Inserting Images

From the editor, you can insert an online image that resides on another server, or display an image that has been uploaded to your store’s Media Storage library.

Method 1: Link to an Online Image

Use this method to link to an image that is available online, but resides on another server. You must have the full URL of the image to complete the process.

  1. Position your cursor in the text where you want the image to appear.
  2. In the Editor toolbar, click the Insert Image button.
  3. Insert Image Button
    Insert Image Button
  4. Do the following:
    1. In the Image URL field, paste the full Web address to the image.
    2. In the Image Description field, write a brief description of the image.
    3. In the Title field, write a relevant title for the image.
  5. Click the Insert button to complete the process.

Method 2: Link to an Image in Media Storage

  1. From the Editor, click the Show / Hide Editor button to display the content in code view.
  2. Position the cursor where you want the code to be inserted. Then, click the Insert Image button.
  3. To upload a new image to Media Storage, do the following:
    1. Click the Browse Files button.
    2. Find the file on your computer, and click to select it. Then, click the Open button to copy the file to Media Storage.
    3. Click the Upload File button to add the image to Media Storage.
  4. To link the image to a file, click to select the image. Then, click the Insert File button.
    Media Storage - Insert File
    Media Storage - Insert File

    The code that is inserted is called a Dynamic Media URL, and looks something like this:

    <img src="{{media url="go-logo_1.png"}}" alt="" />
  5. To complete the Alt tag, position the cursor between the double-quotes, and type the appropriate text.
  6. To return to the editor, click the Show / Hide Editor button.


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