Insert Link with Frontend App

There are three methods you can use to insert a page link into a block or page. This article explains how to use the Frontend App tool to insert a page link in a static block.

  1. From the Admin panel, go to CMS > Static Blocks.
  2. In the Static Blocks list, click to open the Footer Links block.
  3. Click the Show / Hide Editor button.
  4. Show / Hide Editor
    Show / Hide Editor
  5. Click the Insert Frontend App button.
  6. Insert Frontend App
    Insert Frontend App
  7. Set Frontend App Type to “CMS Page Link.”
  8. Insert CMS Page Link
    Insert CMS Page Link
  9. In the Frontend App Options section, do the following:
    1. Set Template to “CMS Page Link Inline Template.”
    2. Click the Select Page button. Then, choose the CMS page for the link.
    Insert Frontend App
    Select Page and Insert Frontend App
  10. To insert the code, click the Insert Frontend App button. The new code appears at the top of the Content box, but above the list. To include the link in the unordered list, do the following:
    1. Press the Enter key once to move the <ul> tag down to the next line. Then, drag your cursor to select the new link code.
    2. Press Ctrl+X to cut the selected code from the editor.
    3. Position the insertion point on a blank line between the <ul> and </ul> tags, where you want to place the new link. Then, press Ctrl+V to paste the code.
    4. To complete the code, the link must be enclosed within <li></li> tags. Place the insertion point at the beginning of the line and type the opening <li> tag. Then at the end of the line of code, type the closing </li> tag.
    5. Click the Show / Hide Editor button to view the page links in the editor.
  11. Click the Save Block button to save the changes. Then, return to your store and test the link to make sure it works correctly.


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