How to Assign Multiple Customers to a Group

Magento Go allows you to manage your customers successfully by organizing them into Customer Groups. Customer groups allow you to organize customers into separate groups – these groups can later be uniquely customized, giving them special privileges, promotional offers, or sales.

With the Actions tool, you can assign multiple customers to a customer group.

To mass assign customer groups

  1. In the Admin Panel, select Customers > Manage Customers.
  2. Click Refresh Filter to display all customers in the table. Select the customers you wish to assign to the customer group by marking the checkbox next to their respective rows.
  3. In the Actions menu at the top right of the page, select Assign a Customer Group.
  4. Next, a Group drop-down menu will appear next to it. From this menu, select the customer group that you wish to assign these customers to.
  5. Click Submit to apply the action.


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