How do product tags work?

Tags are descriptors that you can assign to any product to help you organize and remember them. They’re essentially keywords or keyword phrases. Any logged in user can add as many tags to a product as he/she wants and rename or delete them later. Tags will be viewable by everyone browsing the product, and will display in a block on the product info page.  The admin has to approve a tag the first time it is used, before it appears in the front-end.  Once the tag has been approved by the Store Owner it is free for use on other products, and will not have to be approved again.

Adding tags to products in the front-end

Customers can add tags to any product in the tags block on the product page.  The tags block appears below product description and attribute specs:
In the tag block above, a customer has added three tags.  Note that phrases are inside single quotes.  After submitting the tags, an administrator has to approve them.

Note: As store owner, you can add tags directly to products in the front-end if you want to pre-populate your tag clouds. Below is the tag cloud as it appears in the homepage in this design package:

Approving tags

  1. Log into the Magento admin
  2. Navigate to Catalog -> Tags -> Pending Tags
  3. You’ll now see a list of tags that haven’t been approved yet.  Each tag lets you View Products or View Customers for this tag in the Action column.  View Products opens a list of all products which have been tagged with this word or phrase.  View Customers opens a list of all customers who have used this tag on any product.
  4. From this page, you can check multiple tags and delete or change the status of them all simultaneously.
  5. Click on one tag to edit it

  6. image
  7. To approve the tag, just change the Status to “Approved”, and click “Save Tag”.  (Note:  If a customer has entered a tag you don’t want to ever see again, simply change the status to “Disabled” and this tag will not be stored if entered again.)

Seeing approved tags in the front-end

If you navigate back to the product in the front-end, you’ll now see the tags you entered at the beginning of the article display in the tags section:

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