How do Product Comparisons work?

Product Comparisons

One property of Magento attributes are a flag called Comparable in Front-end.  If at least one attribute is Comparable, this product is eligible to be added to customers’ Product Compare Boxes.  If you wanted customers to compare televisions, you might have attributes like Manufacturer and Screen Size.  If you make these attributes Comparable on Front-end: Yes customers will be able to view the televisions side by side and make an educated shopping decision.

This is very powerful - if customers desire, they can compare a chair, a television, and a pair of running shoes.  The attributes these products have in common are most likely only things like SKU, Price, and Product Name.  Let’s say the chair has a comparable attribute called Material: Wood. For the other two products it will simply read Material: - .  On the other hand, the television might have a comparable attribute called Screen Size: 25”, which would show as Screen Size: - on the other two products.

In the example below, “Volume” is a comparable attribute that has been assigned to these two cups:

How do I control the data shown in product comparisons?

Each product attribute has a flag called Comparable in Front-end, which can be set to “yes” or “no”.  You’ve decided that the “Manufacturer” attribute is not something that customers really use when determining which product is best for them.  This is how you make it go away:

  1. In the magento admin, navigate to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes.
  2. In the grid, find the attribute you want to edit.  Hint: Change the last column “Comparable” to “yes” to see all attributes that can appear in the product comparison chart.
  3. Click the attribute to edit it.

  4. image
  5. Change the drop-down Comparable on Front-end to “No.”
  6. Press “Save Attribute.”

There you go!  Now “Manufacturer” won’t show up on product comparison pages anymore.

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