How Do I Set Up Free Shipping?

Magento allows you to offer Free and Flat Rate shipping along with real-time rates from the major carriers. In this article we will look at Free Shipping as a method. If you want to learn how to set up Flat Rate shipping as a method see How do I set up flat rate shipping (per item or per order?


As always, the first step to offering Free Shipping as a method is setting the Enabled dropdown to Yes.

After that you can edit both the Title and the Method name displayed to your customers. Here we have the Title set to Free Shipping and the Method set to Free. Here is how that is displayed on the Front-end:


To allow Free Shipping only on orders over a certain amount, enter a value in the Minimum order amount field. Here we have the minimum amount set to 100. If the sub-total of the customer’s cart after other discounts have been applied is over the minimum amount the method will be displayed.

An example: If the customer has a sub-total of $105.00 in their cart they will have the option of selecting the Free Shipping method. However, if the customer entered a 10% coupon in the cart they would no longer have the Free Shipping option, as the sub-total after discounts is now $94.50.

Define the countries filter, message that will appear if the method is not available but you choose to display it anyway, and the sort order. When you are finished, click Save Config.