How do I create and edit Landing Pages?

To create and edit landing pages go to CMS -> Manage Pages. To create a new page select the Add New Page button.

You will see 3 tabs for the new page: General Information, Customer Design and Meta Data.


Starting with General Information enter the Page Title for this page. The Page Title is used for the Meta Page title for the new landing page.

Then enter the SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL Identifier for your page. In this example we enter summer, so the landing page for our store will be found at

If you are managing multiple stores from the admin you can select which stores you want the landing page to be displayed in. The default will be all stores, but you can also select to place the page in any combination of Store Views.

The default status for a new page is disabled, meaning the page will not show on the Front-end. Switch the status to enabled to have the page appear.

The last field to enter information in is the Content field. You can enter HTML in this field and it will be rendered in the front-end, allowing the most flexibility. Upload images, as in our example, videos, text etc.

In the Custom Deisgn tab, you can create a design that is unique to this page.

Choose an existing theme from the dropdow, and enter a date range in which this theme will display. Select the elements included on the landing page using the layout dropdown. The default is empty, which will only show the information you enter in the Content field. If you want to keep your headers and footers on this page you will need to code them into the content area, but the rest of the options include both on the page.

  • 1 column will display all content entered here in one central column.
  • Column on the Left displays the left column from the design package and then the content to the right.
  • Column on the Right will do the opposite, displaying the column from the design package on the right and the content to the left.
  • 3 columns displays both the left and right columns from the design package with the content shown between. See screenshot below.

The Layout Update XML field will add an XML static block to the bottom of the page.

In the Meta Information tab, you can enter Meta Keywords and a Meta Description for the page.

Select the Save Page button and your landing page is created.


To edit a landing page go to CMS -> Manage Pages and select the page you would like to edit from the grid list by clicking on it. You will then see the page with all information you have entered and can edit using the same logic as above. You can select the Reset button to revert back to the last saved version if you make mistakes. Once done select the Save Page button and your changes will be saved.