How do I configure the Wishlist Module?

If you would like to offer the wishlist to your customers you just need to enable it by going to System -> Configuration and selecting Wishlist from the left navigation.


To enable wishlists change the Enabled dropdown to Yes.

Once it is enabled you will also want to set up the configuration of the Send Wishlist feature. This is an option available to your customers whereby they can send an email to their friends, alerting them of the products in which they are interested. You are also able to select the Sender email from a dropdown of the email addresses set up in the Store Email Addresses section of the Configuration.

You can then select the template you would like to use for sending the wishlist. In this way you can create multiple Share Wishlist Email Templates, one for the holidays for instance, and switch between them.

There is also the ability to send a link to an RSS feed of the wishlist in the email. There will be a checkbox describing this option when your customers are composing the email. To enable this checkbox, navigate to System -> Configuration and select RSS Feeds in the left navigation. Under Wishlist, select Enabled from the dropdown. This will also produce an RSS link in the Wishlist in your customers’ account pages, so that they can subscribe to an RSS feed of the products in their own wishlist.

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