How do I configure and use the Reviews & Ratings module?

To configure the reviews module go to Catalog -> Reviews & Ratings. Let’s first set up the Ratings by selecting Manage Ratings.

You will see a grid list of the ratings you have created. You can add new Ratings by selecting the Add New Rating button.


We first enter the rating name on the information page.


We can also enter different names for different Store Views, and select in which Store Views this rating will be visible to your customers.

Now we select Save Rating and the Price rating will appear on the Front-end, along with the other Ratings we have created.


Once reviews are submitted they must be approved by the administrator before they appear on the Front-end. To view and approve new Reviews go to Catalog -> Reviews & Ratings -> Customer Reviews -> Pending Reviews.

Here you will find a grid list of all reviews which have been submitted by customers but have not been approved to appear on the Front-end. You can check several reviews to delete or update the status of several reviews at once. Select a Review and you will be able to view and edit the customer’s Review.


You can edit the information and then change the status to either Approved, to have the review appear on that product page, or Not Approved and have the review not appear on the page.

You are also able to see reviews per product on the product page in the admin panel.