How do I configure and use polls?

Polls are a powerful marketing tool.  If you’re ever curious about your customers’ opinions about products, items, the weather, politics, etc, just create a poll and ask them! 
The poll occupies a small amount of space on your pages and is likely to be answered by many people.  Poll results are immediately displayed after an answer is submitted, as shown below:

Creating a poll

  1. Navigate to “Poll Manager” under “CMS”
  2. Click on “Add new poll” in the top right
  3. Enter “Poll Question”. This will be the question that you’re asking your customers: ie What is the best open source e-commerce solution?
  4. The status of the poll will be “open” by default - if you don’t want it to appear on your store, change this to “closed”
  5. Select which store(s) you want the poll to appear in
  6. Now click on “Poll Answers” in the left nav
  7. Click on “Add new answer” to add possible answers
  8. Enter an “Answer”:  ie Magento, of course
  9. If you want to ‘influence’ the poll prematurely, you can add votes to the count from “Votes Count” (default is 0)
  10. Repeat steps 7 to 9 for each answer you want in this poll

That’s it! If the status of your poll is “open” it will now appear in the front-end.  Customers can only answer a poll once, and you can view the results here.  If you have multiple polls, they will cycle randomly in the front-end.

Editing a poll

Once a poll has been created, you can edit it by navigating to “CMS -> Poll Manager” in the Magento admin panel.  Click your poll in the list of polls to view its details.  To close the poll (and make it not appear in the front-end) change “Status” to “Closed” under the Poll Information tab.

If you want to see the votes tallied for each answer, simply click “Poll Answers” and view the numbers under “Vote Count”.

Enabling/Disabling the Polls module

The polls module is enabled by default.  If you want to disable it:

  1. Navigate in the Magento admin to “System -> Configuration”.
  2. From the left menu, select “Advanced”
  3. Find “Mage_Poll” in the list of modules
  4. Select “Disable” in the drop-down. 

Attention multi-store users: If your module is set to “use default” or “use website”, please read up on the effects of checking/unchecking these boxes.

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