How Do I Accept Checks and Money Orders as Payment?

To accept checks and money orders as payment for orders go to System -> Configuration. Select Payment Methods from the left navigation. The current release of Magento supports offline payment using checks and money orders. Future releases will support the acceptance of electronic checks on the site.


To display this method to customers in the checkout process you must select Yes from the enabled dropdown.

You are able to edit the title of the payment method by entering the text in the title field. The text entered here is what is displayed on the payment information page and on all order correspondence with the customer, including order confirmation emails, invoices, and the order history in the customer’s account. If you only want to accept Money Orders and not Checks, for example, you can rename the method to Money Orders.

You can then select the status you want orders placed using Checks and Money Orders. Any orders placed using the Checks / Money Orders payment method will be displayed in the admin panel with this status.

Enter the name and address of your company so that your customers know where the send the checks and to whom the checks will be payable. This information will appear in the checkout process for your customers to see.

As with all payment methods, you can add country and order amount filters to determine which customers will be able to use this payment method. You will also be able to move the positioning of the Checks / Money Orders method around on the payment page by changing the sort order. The lowest number will be displayed in the highest position on the page.

Below this payment method is the Purchase Orders option. This is also an offline method, but it is different from Checks and Money Orders. This is intended to be used when you and the customer have established a credit system, where they are given a Purchase Order number to enter during the checkout process and you can cross-reference this number with a payment option that you have or will arrange with the customer. 

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