How can I capture credit card information without a payment gateway?

If you do not have a payment gateway, but still want to accept Credit Cards for processing offline you can capture the credit card information using the Saved Credit Card payment method.

To set this up go to System -> Configuration and select Payment Methods from the left navigation. Once there you will see Saved CC as one of the available methods.


To enable this option you will want to set the Enabled dropdown to Yes.

You can change the Title of the method to whatever you like in the Title field.

Below this you can set the preferences of this payment method just as you do with all other payment methods. This includes the status of new orders placed with this method, the sort order as it will appear in the front-end in relation to the other methods, whether your customers must enter a card verification number, and the country and order amount filters for your customer to be able to use this method.

When you are finished, select the Save Config button and you will be able to accept credit cards without integrating with a payment gateway.

Orders placed using this method will appear in the admin with the card number, name on card and expiration date displayed to the store owner. You can then take this information and use it to charge your customers using your preferred method.

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