Getting Started with PayPal Payments Advanced (CE)

(not available outside the US)

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PayPal Payments Advanced is a PCI-compliant solution that lets your customers pay by credit card or debit card without ever leaving your site. PayPal Payments Advanced features an embedded checkout page that can be customized to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Merchant Requirements

Checkout Workflow

With PayPal Payments Advanced, your customer completes the transaction without leaving your site.
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How to Get Started

To get started, complete the configuration of your business account, as described in Step 1 of “Setting Up PayPal Payments Advanced.” Then, complete the required settings in Step 2.

PayPal Payments Advanced
PayPal Payments Advanced

Note: You can have two PayPal solutions active at the same time: Express Checkout, plus any All-In-One solution. If you enable a different solution, the one you used previously will be automatically deactivated.

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