Free Shipping Promotions

Free shipping can be offered as a promotion, with or without a coupon. A free shipping coupon — or voucher — can also be applied to “customer pick-up” orders where there is no shipping, so the order can complete the workflow by being invoiced and “shipped.”

Some shipping carrier configurations let you set a minimum order for free shipping. However, shopping cart price rules let you create complex conditions based on multiple product attributes, cart contents, and customer groups.

After you create a new price rule, it takes an hour or so for it to become available. Be sure to allow enough time for it to get into the system. Then, test the rule to make sure that it works correctly.

Free Shipping with Coupon
Free Shipping with Coupon

To set up a free shipping promotion:

  1. Before you begin, enable the Free Shipping method in your store’s configuration. Then, complete the free shipping settings for any carrier services you want to use for free shipments.
  2. On the Admin menu, select Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules.
  3. Follow the steps below to set up the free shipping promotions you want to offer.
  4. When complete, click the Save Rule button.

    Wait an hour or so for the rule to become available. Then, test the rule to make sure it is working correctly.

Free Shipping for Any Order

Free Shipping for Orders Over $Amount

Free Shipping at Checkout
Free Shipping at Checkout

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