Creating Polls

Polls are a powerful marketing tool, and Magento Go makes it easy to find out your customers’ opinions on just about everything.

Polls are beneficial because they occupy a small amount of space on your pages and are likely to be answered by many people. Poll results are immediately displayed after an answer is submitted. They can also be a fun way for you to interact with your customers.

To create a Poll, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Panel, select CMS > Polls
  2. Click the [Add New Poll] button in the upper right corner of the Poll Information page. image
  3. In the Poll Question field, enter the question which will be displayed at the top of the poll in your web store.
  4. The Status field is set to Open by default. To remove the poll from your store, set the status to Closed. When it is Closed, it will no longer be visible to the public.
  5. Select the store view(s) that you want the poll to appear in by selecting it in the Visible In field. See our scope article to learn more about store views.
  6. Click the Poll Answers tab on the left panel to create default answers.
  7. Click the [Add New Answer] to add a default answer. image
  8. In the Answer Title field, enter the answer as it will appear in the website.
  9. If you want to “influence” the poll and skew the results, you can add or remove votes from the Votes Count field. This will automatically increase each time a customer votes for this answer in the Poll.
  10. To add new answers, repeat steps 7 - 9.
  11. Click [ Save Poll ] to save your changes.


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