Setting Up Email for Your Domain

A custom domain gives you the ability to create and manage your own email addresses, such as:

If you don’t yet have a custom domain, you have the option to use your Magento Go store domain “ ” in your email address.

Before you can set up email addresses for your domain, you must first choose an email hosting provider. Web hosting and email hosting are two distinct services, although they are often managed by the same company. Your email might be hosted by the same company that provides your Internet service, your domain registrar, or another third-party email hosting provider.

Free, advertising-supported email address providers typically do not offer the same range of services as an email host. Make sure that the company you choose lets you use your own domain, and supports the standard email protocols.

To set up email addresses for your store:

  1. Follow the instructions from your service provider to create the individual email addresses that you need for your domain.
  2. When your email addresses are in place, you can add them to your store email address configuration.

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