Shipping Methods - FedEx (Deprecated)

NOTE: This article has been replaced by a newer version which features the latest shipping services from FedEx. Please follow the configuration instructions in Shipping Carriers: FedEx rather than the instructions in this article.

Many merchants have a preference on which third party shipping solution they use, many customers also have a preference on which shipping service they would like to receive their purchases from, so in any case you can choose one or provide several shipping solutions and give your customers a choice. One of choice is FedEx. They are a global shipping option, and provide air, freight and ground shipping services with several levels of priorities.

To configure FedEx shipping:

  1. In the Admin Panel, choose System > Configuration.
  2. In the left panel of the resulting page, click on Shipping Methods from the Sales section.
  3. Expand the FedEx section to define the configuration settings for FedEx shipping
  4. In the Enabled field, select Yes to enable the method.
  5. Fill in the Account ID field with the Account ID value provided by FedEx. This can be obtained by creating an account with FedEx.
  6. In the Packaging drop-down menu, select the container type that you typically use to package the products ordered from your store.
  7. In the Dropoff drop-down menu, select the pick-up method you will be using for delivery. You can determine this based on the deal you have established with FedEx.
    • Regular Pickup If you are doing a high volume of shipments, it would be cost effective for you to make arrangements for FedEx to make regular pickups.
    • Request Courier You must call and request a FedEx courier to pick-up shipments.
    • Drop Box You must drop off shipments at your nearby FedEx drop box.
    • Business Service Center You must drop off shipments at your local FedEx business service center.
    • Station You must drop off shipments at your local FedEx station.
  8. In the Calculate Handling Fee drop-down menu, select whether to apply a fixed fee or by percentage. A handling fee is an additional charge added to the shipping cost provided by FedEx. Adding a handling fee is optional and will not be visibly different in the order process.
  9. In the Handling Applied drop-down menu, select whether to apply the handling fee Per Order or Per Package.
  10. In the Residential Delivery drop-down menu, select Yes or No depending on whether you’re selling Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B). Select Yes if you’re B2C, No if you’re B2B.
  11. In the Handling Fee field, enter the handling fee value — either a fixed amount or percentage depending on which you selected in Calculate Handling Fee field.
  12. In the Allowed Methods list, select the methods of shipment that you support. This will depend on the account you have setup with FedEx, the frequency and size of your shipments, and whether or not you allow international shipments. You can decide to only offer ground shipping and nothing else. It is up to you as the merchant.
  13. In the Free Method drop-down menu, you can select which shipping method to offer to customers for no charge. You may also select None. This is similar to Free Shipping, however it will be listed within the FedEx section so that customers know exactly which method their order is being shipped.
  14. The Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount option allows you to offer free FedEx shipping for orders that meet a minimum monetary amount. Selecting Enable from the drop-down menu allows you to define the minimum amount in the field directly below. If an order does not reach the minimum amount, the FedEx shipping option will still appear in the list of shipping options, however it will cost the amount that is calculated by FedEx.
  15. In the Ship to Applicable Countries field, you can select the Specific Countries option to specific which countries this shipping method is available for. You can select applicable countries from the Ship to Specific Countries list below it.
  16. In the Sort Order field, specify the position of this shipping method in relation to the other shipping methods offered to the customer
  17. Once specified a location of origin, click [Save Config] to save shipping settings


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