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You can take your store offline whenever you need to perform maintenance on your site. In Maintenance Mode, your customers see a temporary page until you return to production mode (when your store is live). The 503 Service Unavailable page appears by default when you enable maintenance mode. You can also create a custom page for your customers to see during maintenance. For more information, see Managing CMS Pages.

For step-by-step instructions on maintaining your store, see Working In Maintenance Mode.

Maintenance Mode Options

Field Description
Enable Maintenance Mode Set to No by default. Set to Yes to take your store offline for maintenance mode.

Important: Be sure to enter at least one IP address (such as the Current IP address listed below) into the Whitelist box before you enable maintenance mode, or you will not be able to log in to your store to work on it, or to turn off maintenance mode and return to "live" (production) mode.

Maintenance Mode Page Select a page to display to your customers while your store is offline in maintenance mode. The default is a 503 Service Unavailable page, which prevents search engines from removing your site from their index or assuming that your site no longer exists.
Whitelist In the Whitelist field, enter the IP addresses that you want to "whitelist," that is, to exempt from being redirected to the maintenance mode page.

To continue to have access to your store while you are working on it, copy your IP address below and paste it into this box. You can enter more than one IP address, separated by commas, if you want other IP addresses to have access to your store while it is in maintenance mode.

Current IP Your current IP address. Copy this IP address and paste it into the Whitelist box above, so that you can continue to work in your store while it is in maintenance mode.


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